Topics: Happy Chicken, Organic Porsche, Najm's Kitchen, Cholesterol

Topics: Happy Chicken, Organic Porsche, Najm’s Kitchen, Cholesterol

Your digital newspaper wishes you a happy Easter Sunday – with delicious themes from the perfect egg to star dishes, plus: money, politics, travel and football.

Chicken or egg? No matter who came first – eggs are served almost everywhere at Easter. we’ve got Honerhof I visited Mulheim an Ruhr Abbey, where happy hens finish at ten in the morning.

Rain of stars over Dortmund: A star that looks like a chef’s Oscar Michelin guide. The city of the Ruhr region got a special cream this year. Crowned chefs reveal to us their favorite dishes, what they disliked in their childhood, what the refrigerator should never be missing, what are the most important tools and what will come on the table when things need to be done quickly – exclusively in the digital Sunday newspaper.

Why Gibraltar from all places shows us how to control Corona

Excellent buildings! The Chamber of Architects NRW Honors the 30 best buildings in our country. We present typical homes in our area.

Linen roof box? Niels Freiburg was looking for a solution to his problem Porsche To make it suitable for families. The beginning arose from this Cropfiber. Dortmund wants to replace plastic with natural fibers in various products. We looked at the “bio box”.

“I live in the present moment” – on the 80th anniversary of his birth Heine helmets: An author and illustrator of children’s books, he has worked in New Zealand for 30 years. Marin Schuurman spoke with him about special light and true friends.

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So you save for it Raising grandchildrenStudies and teaching have a price. Traditional investment models are rarely presented due to negative interest rates. What is it worth?

“I don’t have any bodies in the basement”: The versatile actress Susan von Borsudi (From cult movies like “Run Lola Run” to “Hanni and Nanni”, from TV classics like “Anniversaries” to “Schimanski”) they can now be seen in the cult series “Der Alte” – I had a lot of fun.

Operation Freedom, like the vaccination campaign in the British retreat Tarek mountain Celebrating a huge success: More than 80 percent of the roughly 35,000 residents of Monkey Rock, which is located at the southern tip of Spain, have now been vaccinated against Covid-19. This makes Gibraltar a world leader. The British Crown Colony thus becomes the first region on the European continent to achieve what virologists call “herd immunity” – the immunization of the vast majority of the population.

Japan worries about the future of the imperial family – A woman like Tenno? The Land of the Rising Sun is experiencing a low birth rate. The court also faces this, as with only one prince from the younger generation of the imperial family, the hereditary monarchy threatens with death. Because the throne is permitted only for men. Now the debate continues – and the solution is really close.

Iron Lady’s Makeup Problems: The Parisian Eiffel towerWhich is currently unable to receive visitors due to the Corona epidemic, suffers from severe lead poisoning resulting from removing old layers of paint.

Wild nature and wonderful marine animals! From our model ‘Dreams of traveling’The Pacific Ocean in the northern United States is rough and cold year-round. A road trip along the nearly 600 km long Oregon coast.

No experiences with the advisor car: it was recalled Adenauer – MercedesBecause the first head of government in the young Federal Republic did not want to drive in anything other than the Mercedes-Benz 300. The car celebrated its premiere in 70 years.

The key to being environmentally friendly a house: Walls made of wood instead of concrete, insulation made of hemp or cork – climate-friendly buildings can pay off. The federal government also supports some of these measures.

With the user in mind: UX designer Designing applications to be easy to use. Ethics also play a major role in this. Our profession advice on Sunday!

Attention: Cholesterol! Most of the fats we eat are converted into cholesterol by the liver. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is essential to humans because it performs many important functions in the entire organism. On our health page: the big test! Great discoveries in medicine and those behind them: You may know some names from school. But is your knowledge enough to answer all questions correctly? And it is explained as a reward level, so to speak Children’s side “Check”What exactly is the spinal cord.

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What is he dreaming of? Octopus? Researchers film species of octopus while sleeping and find that the different resting stages are similar to those experienced by humans.

Plus seven pages of sports currently with the 27th round of German football leagueBorussia Dortmund v Eintracht Frankfurt, among other things – who scores good points for their participation in the UEFA Champions League? And the first title kicks RB Leipzig against Bayern Munich!

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