Top Chrono – Ireland – New Zealand (24-28): Match summary video in 5 minutes

Top Chrono – Ireland – New Zealand (24-28): Match summary video in 5 minutes

At the end of one of the greatest matches in history, the All Blacks defeated Ireland (24-28) on Saturday, October 14.
New Zealand, which will meet Argentina in the semi-finals, eliminated the hopes of the quarter-finals from the “clover”.
Relive this giant shock on video and on MYTF1.

It was presented as “definitive before its time”. Clearly we were not lied to. The Ireland-New Zealand clash delivered on all its promises and more. In the quarter-final confrontation, between the most successful team in history, crowned three times (1987, 2011 and 2015), and the first country in the world rugby rankings, All blacks He emerged victorious. Jordie Barrett's partners took down “The Clover” (24-28) on Saturday, October 14th. In the endgame, both physical and psychological, the New Zealanders won the right to face Argentina, Wales' surprise top scorer (17-29), in the semi-final on Friday 20 October (9pm, on TF1, MYTF1 and TF1 Info).

At the top of almost the entire game, All blacks The Irish team had to do its best to overthrow the Irish team that dreamed of breaking the glass ceiling (seven times in the quarter-finals). But, this time again, the ambition of Jonathan Sexton's gang once again crashed into the gates of the World Cup quarter-finals. One thing is certain: we have to depend on New Zealand, more than ever.

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