Top 3 features to keep your lockers more personalized and interesting

Lockers are undoubtedly an essential facility everyone should have, irrespective of your space or financial capacity. You could have a locker made according to your budget, and it would still serve its purposes. Nonetheless, what’s a locker without an iota of personalization? Most individuals prefer some storage facilities to others because they have lockers you won’t find anywhere. There are some incentives that draw customers regarding lockers and safety. There are some reasons why some individuals prefer a grocery store to another. While others are just the regular grocery store, the others might be offering discounts or giving perks for patronizing.

The same could be done in the security industry, where you can have your lockers personalized to make you feel more secure and recognized. Everyone wants to feel special, and if keeping your valuables could bring you that feeling, how much would you be willing to pay? There are several reasons why people prioritize a business over the other, and one of them has been incentives. Personalized cards, space, or even text could go as far as making a customer stick with you forever. So, if you are looking for means to keep your lockers personalized or what you could add to make it feel more you, read the information below

Features that would make a locker more personalized

Here are some of the features that would make your customers feel at home or the ones you can add to your lockers to make them more personal.


When fabricating a locker, the manufacturer works according to your description and dimension. However, what you might not know is that there’s always room for creativity. Unlike the traditional lockers with a standard, you can get creative with your locker system; everything else looks the same. One way to make your locker stand out from others is by having lightening all over the locker. If you’ve ever been to the dressing room late in the night, you’d agree with me that you’d need an extra source of light to navigate your way. The light in the dressing room is never enough illumination for you to carefully navigate your way through your locker. You could have a lighting system directed into my locker where once you open the door, the light comes up, and you can easily use the locker.

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The lighting system does not have to be too sophisticated; depending on the size of the locker; the lights could be small LEDs attached to a battery. It triggers once the door opens and off once you shut the door.

Charging outlets

Don’t be surprised; if you could have a light source, then it’s possible for you to charge your cells too. We are in the 21st century, and everyone chats on the go. You could have your storage facility popular because of this single innovation. So, since everybody is aware that your lockers have charging outlets, they are most confident that all the fears of low power disappear when they get there. Having your lockers fabricated with charging outlets is one way to make your lockers different from the standard ones. There’s no harm in standing out; you could stand alone and win all the customers over. Sooner rather than later, others would join up. At least you’ve had the liberty of being the author of the innovation.

A customized alarm system

Don’t worry; it’s not a fire alarm system. It’s more of a reminder. Some tourists have gone back home, forgetting their properties in storage facilities. One way to help customers is by having a system that reminds them of their properties at your storage facility. It could be a personalized alarm you enter upon signup or a property deposit. Once they’ve set the delivery date or time, the alarm system would pop up to remind them, say, an hour to delivery, 30 minutes to delivery, 10 minutes to delivery, and 5 minutes to delivery. You’d be surprised at how stressed people could get that they forget their collectibles. Several properties in storage facilities have been confiscated because their owners have refused to come for them. This is, however, not because the owners do not want them. They simply forgot and, over time, couldn’t remember where they kept it.

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So, having a personalized locker system is one way to advertise your storage facilities. If it’s your bedside locker, it’s much better to have it fabricated to your taste. You have the liberty of designing it the exact way you want it, all at a pocket-friendly price.

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