Top 14. Seven changes in LOU

Top 14. Seven changes in LOU

LOU made seven changes in their 15th start to face Stade Français compared to last week in Racing.

Kabeche, Djirassi, Kpoko, Guzo, Godwin, Ioane and Arnold are the starters. It is the first time this season for Gozo and the first for Italian international winger Monte Ioani.

In his final match at Gerland, Toby Arnold will of course start but not captain. It is Baptiste Couelod who will undertake this task, which can be interpreted as a handover.

The bench features five strikers and three quarter-forwards, including Dumortier and Niniashvili who will be able to bring their legs during the game. In the two matches, there is no opening between the substitutes.

The fortune of Lyon’s squad can also be gauged by looking at the players outside the group: to the injured Perdew, Dussin and Fotojka, we must add Sepe Taofifenois, Marchand, Gougeon, Rosell, William, Chrétin, Pacheco, Taufua, Botha, Smith, Marakou, Minot and Abrahams. As for Fijian star Simi Radradra, he has not yet arrived in Lyon.

French stadium and Lyon

It’s a Stade Français with a bit of Lyon flair that will trickle down to Gerland. On the front line, we find hooker Michael Eovaldi (six seasons in LOU) and pillar Francisco Gomez Cúdela (seven seasons in LOU). The Argentine international, who was not transferred to Lyon, will play his first match in his new colors after the World Cup.

Karim Ghezzal (two seasons as a player and then three as a coach at LOU) will also be on the Parisian bench.

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We also note the debut of England international Joe Marchant.

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