Top 14. Reactions after UBB

Top 14. Reactions after UBB

(In channel + microphone) “It's nice. We were in a complicated phase after two successive defeats in Chaban. It's nice to see the crowd smiling again. We said it would be a difficult match, given the circumstances. They responded and things settled down after the end of the first half. (On channel + microphone) “In his attempt) I saw the space. I thank Tevita (Tatafu) for doing the job before. I gave everything. It starts with the adults again. Without them, we would not have been able to play such a match.”

Yannick Bro (Director of UBB)

“We are relaxed. We were still under pressure. I saw a lot of solidarity, participants who made special efforts, and benchers as well. I'm really happy to be at the helm of this team because there are some great values. I wasn't calm on the edge of the pitch but from a moment ago it was “We have the upper hand. We had energy in collisions and on the ground. We recovered the balls from the outside. Nicholas's two articles are great, they showed who he is. This is an important step in our season. In the current circumstances, we are showing that we are capable of playing good matches. »

Roman Boros (UBB winger)

(in channel + microphone) “That's good, actually from an accounting perspective, we needed to note the points and this is the match we wanted to make in content. We would have liked to be better in attack, but defensively and in our state of mind we are satisfied with what we did. It was a match Very closed, the excitement meant we didn't score in our biggest game but we knew not to give up, that's the most important thing.

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Stuart Lancaster (92 Race Director)

“We conceded two easy attempts, and that made the difference. We led 6-0 in the first half and despite the pressure their camp was under in the second half, these two attempts ended our hopes of winning. The fundamentals of this sport are very important in these winter matches. During the past five meetings, we have faced difficulty in these sectors.”

Max Spring (Sprint 92 scrum-half)

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