Top 14. Manu, Luke, Lam… Choice of Day 20’s best players

Aymeric Luc (Toulon) and Silala Lahm (Perpignan) are part of our selection of today’s top 20 players from the top 14. (© Icon Sport)

Jeremy Senzel (La Rochelle)

It wasn’t easy to get a player out of it Rochelles Stadium From a lot during the quiet victory against Brave (41-15). If Danny Brysso, Dylan Leeds and Levani Botia, the latter were very good, each scoring two goals, we wanted to highlight the return of the top midfield Jeremy Senzel.

After a serious knee injury, it took him a long time to get back to his best. But up against CAB, the Swiss Army Knife impressed with its technical accuracy and sense of game, with a pass always right and a real sense of teamwork. Let’s also not forget his sense of duty with his beautiful 8/8 in defence, the best striker of the match between 3/4 La Rochelle. Back to shape that is really satisfying.

Aymeric Luke (Toulon)

Maybe this is the big deal this weekend: Toulon Won Aguilera’s Offensive Bonus. In addition to sending approx Biarritz In Pro D2, the RCT gave itself a little air compared to the red zone. He was one of the strong men on the side of Toulon Emric Lock.

Not spared some mockery from the crowd, Bayonne was impressive in attack, especially in the first act, where after a superb acceleration, he demanded a cross for Cordan who was spinning to flatten the first attempt. With his fiery legs, Locke was upon completion of an action that was perfectly executed by the RCT. 9 runs with the ball in hand, 147m won and 4 defenders defeated : A very beautiful copy on the lawn of Aguilera.

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Former Bayonnais, Aymeric Luc, was brilliant with Toulon during the slap in Biarritz on Aguilera's land.
Former Bayonnais, Aymeric Luc, was brilliant with Toulon during the slap in Biarritz on Aguilera’s land. (© Icon Sports)

Tomoa Manu (Paw)

The other big hit of the weekend is a victory Pee to me Bordeaux Beagle (16-23). Béarnais has been well helped by the beautiful copy made by her hub Tomoa ManoHe returned after a week of suspension after his red card against Toulouse.

Offensively, the New Zealander was formidable, with 2 tries, 3 passes, 7 defenders are hit, 3 dumpsall in 13 races (match record) and 74 m won (match record). Solid!

Seilala Lam (Perpignan)

What a whore match Perpignan During the success of the bonus collected from Race 92 (34-13)! In addition to the great reliability in the opening and a good presence in the land game, Samoan Silala L He was huge in the limitless card running game.

10 races with the ball in hand (Only Delguy did more than 11 races), 64 m won, 2 defenders to hit, 4 to unload (!) And sacred 14/15 in maneuvers. Admit this stats are worth 3And the Line.

Prostitute Perpignan Silala Lahm had a big match against Racing 92.
Prostitute Perpignan Silala Lahm had a big match against Racing 92. (© Sports Icon Archives)

Adria Kokage (Castres)

Having played the shot very well 5 meters from the line, admiring his qualities at the end, central casterAnd the Adria Kokage, starred in defense after the red card from his friend, Filimonie Potito, before the end of the first half. Cocagi filled in a good load of breaches, working for two and ending the match with 15 tackles against him Montpellier (25-9). A true symbol of this caster where everyone works for the good of the group.

Morgan Barra (Clermont)

Morgan Parais the owner Claremont. The brilliant Kournick, the 33-year-old International No. 9 worked perfectly behind a dominant group, even giving his person a carry-on to push Etienne Fourcade to LOU into goal.

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On the foot he signed an interesting 4/5, but above all he allowed his team, which was very upset, to take the initiative thanks to a penalty at 78.And the. Great players know how to be decisive in crucial moments…

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