Top 14. Leon targets six to seven recruits and gives time to Bastarod

Top 14. Leon targets six to seven recruits and gives time to Bastarod

LOU rugby has been launched in a full race to the final stages of the top 14, and don’t forget the turmoil it will experience in the off-season: the departure of its emblematic manager since 2015, Pierre Mignone, and his replacement by Xavier Garbagosa. It is clear that the 45-year-old former coach of La Rochelle and Montpellier is already working on the outline of his workforce for the upcoming season and, according to our information, he has already submitted several CVs of his leaders. “We’ve talked a lot with him and I already,” says Jan Robert, president of LOU. Xavier gave me the profiles of the player he wanted. We expect between six and seven new players. About forty items will remain, and the idea is not to make a revolution, but to continue to evolve and advance while bringing about changes in the workforce. »

Two first lines, two third lines and three-quarters center are expected

In detail, two first, two third and two lines are expected in the middle three quarters. While the name Josiah Maraco, Young Three Quarters of Narbonne Center Already on the table for a few weeks, it was recently revealed that Liam Coltman, a 32-year-old New Zealand prostitute who plays in his country, Highlanders, was a serious pioneer, According to RMC Sport. He will replace Mikael Evaldi’s departure at the Stade Français next season and this is already in effect from Joe Taufete’e in Los Angeles.

Maraco will replace his compatriot Charlie Ngatai on the team numerically, and the experienced center (32 years in August) has chosen to continue against all odds. His career in Leinster , when he gave his oral consent to LOU for the extension. “His departure surprised us, it also disappointed us, the departure of Robert. Everything was in place for us to continue together, but he made his choice, this is life and we wish him well. As with everyone who will leave the club at the end of the season.”

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Roubert: “If someone can come back, it’s Basstareaud”

Would Matthew Bastarod be in this situation? According to the Lyon president, nothing was settled regarding the former France international (34 in September), at the end of his contract in June and just recovering from a serious knee injury he sustained in November. The former three-quarter position, now his third midfield, resumed racing this week. In March, he questioned his future.

Jan Robert answers about Mathieu Bastarod: “We have planned to follow its development day in and day out, and it is too early to draw conclusions. We will support him as best we can, but let’s give him time. He is considered by many as lost in rugby, and I would say that if someone can come back, He has already shown his hard work and personality in the past, so let’s not necessarily think it’s over for him… I talked to him, he’s ready to see how his feelings develop, he feels so much better, he walks again, he jogs again, that’s no I mean, he won, but he’s working as if he’s going to come back and that’s what we wish for him.”

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