Ben Lam (UBB) a été impérial contre une défense briviste aux fraises

Top 14 (D4): CA Brive pierced in Bordeaux by soft L. (29-10)

Traveling to Bordeaux-Bigles, CA Brive lost 29-10 against Al Ittihad at Chaban-Delmas Stadium. Despite Corizin’s positive first-half result (9-10), UBB raised its level of play in the second half and Brivist’s defensive curtain ended up bowing.

Match movie

The first quarter of an hour is like the end of the game. Three fouls lead to three successful penalty kicks by Matthew Gallibert. This is when the Brivists get their hands on the skin and turn a test, by Fijian Setareki Tuicuvu. In the first half, Christoph Aureus’ men are not proud, they are driven to their own turf. When time resumed, the flies changed donkeys. In a school test, UBB returns and gets four points in advance thanks to Federico Mori. Then Ben Lamm, in two nearly identical tests, would crucify the Brivists, carelessly. The New Zealand winger could have done more, had the referee not invalidated his last attempt. Final score: 29-10 for UBB.


“We took a lot”

Coach Jeremy Davidson at a press conference about this defeat. For him, the turning point of the match remains the yellow card given to Kitione Kamikamica in the second half. However, he sends his congratulations to the opponents

“We were ahead in the score but that didn’t reflect the match”

That day’s captain Thomas Larangera was clearly disappointed at the end of the meeting, especially with the result.

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Best player: Setareki Tuicuvu

After being put on the wing for the first time, the Fijian returned from a concussion protocol against Montpellier, starting his attempt in the 17th minute. Proving that he is back at his level after a very good season, scoring four attempts in total. With Joris Jurand and the return of Thomas Laranjeira, a strong dynamic is emerging in the rear.

Flipping Player: Tedo Abzandadze

For this match against UBB, Jeremy Davidson chose to create the Georgian hinge Lobzhanidze-Abzhandadze, who know each other well. Unfortunately, like the entire group, young Teddo committed a lot of game mystery to his feet. At 22, he will have the opportunity to improve his skills by November 14, when he meets France’s 15th in Bordeaux.

CA Brive coach Jeremy Davidson at a press conference © Radio France
Justin Hammon

Statistics: 12

That’s how many changes Jeremy Davidson made before this match. An impressive sales figure which raises questions, though. But the coach denies this, saying: “The season is long, we have a block of ten games in a row.” Her captain, Thomas Larangera, had more silk. “By not making the team switch, are we not going to push that at home later? It’s up to us, the players who travel, to show a very good face” confirms Privest’s return.

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Tomas Laringueira at a press conference after the UBB-CAB match
Tomas Laringueira at a press conference after the UBB-CAB match © Radio France
Justin Hammon

More information: This sacred leaflet

In the 71st minute, Ben Lam scored an attempt on his left side. Referee Cedric Marchatt video call and invalidated the test. Except that the scoreboard, which is in front of the two columns, on the left stand, keeps score. Even worse, during a test that was flattened by Maxime Lucu and also invalidated, he would add seven points. In the end, Brave would end up with a huge addition: 41 to 10…except the referee apparently never noticed that. This won’t stop the Brivists from taking this finding for reference during the press conference….

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