Top 10 Movies Set in Space: 2001, Alien, The Empire is Decline...

Top 10 Movies Set in Space: 2001, Alien, The Empire is Decline…

Tired of everyday life? Tired of factual news (literally)? So what about a space ride? Not real, at least not immediately, despite the amazing progress of some programs, such as Space X led by Elon Musk. But from a big or small screen perspective. That’s fine, seventh art often ventures out of our atmosphere to take its head in the stars. If some SF6 production remains on our good old planet, like the legendary Blade Runner And its many versions Which offers a different endingThere are many adventures that we must take much further. The most famous astronaut in France, Thomas Pesquet reveals the headlines that rocked his childhoodفول. Obviously, in our classification, how not to find 2001 space flight In first place? A masterpiece as amazing as it is philosophical, whose famous computer HAL is passed on to future generations. When it comes to the threatened void of space, alien Written by Ridley Scott prominently, especially thanks to Impressive xenomorph And the amazing creations of artist Geiger. At the top we have, the battering empire, With a replica of the Star Wars saga, et interstellar, Based on highly reliable theoriesShe is also in good shape. The greatest interstellar journeys must be discovered in Our ranking of the best movies set in space.

In 2001, scientists (…)

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