Tonight on Netflix: Inspired by a sci-fi landmark, no one noticed when it was released – Cinema News

Tonight on Netflix: Inspired by a sci-fi landmark, no one noticed when it was released – Cinema News

Focus on a sci-fi movie available on Netflix that is reminiscent of “Alien” and fell completely under the radar upon its release in 2017: “Life – Unknown Origin.”

Deadpool and Mysterio in a sci-fi movie, possible, available on Netflix! With Life – Origin Unknown, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal find themselves faced with an out-of-control alien monster that they will have to control.

The film takes place on the International Space Station, where six crew members study alien life beyond Earth. During their research, these scientists made the shocking discovery that this creature could be dangerous or even deadly to humanity.

Constant tension


Ryan Reynolds

In other words, the entire life takes place on a spaceship as the crew tries to survive a devastating monster. This, of course, reminds us of many science fiction films, the first of which is Ridley Scott's first film, Alien. But even if you've seen Scott's 1979 film, Life is still worth watching.

Director Daniel Espinosa (44) reunites with Ryan Reynolds, with whom he filmed Close Security. And if the budget exploded due to the stars in the cast – in particular Gyllenhaal and Reynolds, the budget allocated for filming was ultimately very low, forcing the director to film in completely unusual conditions:

Few methods, but ideas

[Je me suis dit] If I do it well, I can be at the level of gravity, which costs 150 million. But this required an almost Hitchcockian precision, because we didn't have a lot of time. I didn't have time to worry, because our budget was limited. So I shot with one camera and one team – no second team.


Jake Gyllenhaal

But it is known that in matters of cinema, it is sometimes financial constraints that develop creativity, and life – an unknown origin is better than its obvious inevitable comparison with Alien, The Eighth Passenger, which is 40 years old. Because if the similarities are many – we expect at any moment to discover that “Life” is a film from Ridley Scott's epic – then Life is able to enchant with its ideas and visual style. Not really original, but very good.

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