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Tom Cruise will make a space movie for Universal

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Do you think Tom Cruise has actually done the craziest stunts and other movie scenes of his career? It is not. Translator Ethan Hunt will soon be shooting a movie in space, and it’s not for Mission Impossible.

In an interview with the BBC, Donna Langley, president of Universal Pictures studio (which produces the saga) said: Mission Impossible) The star’s next film project was unveiled: “ We hope that Tom Cruise will become the first civilian to conduct a spacewalk outside the space station. »

The movie is set and directed by Doug Lyman “Actually mostly on Earth, then the character has to go up into space to save the situation”, set. So the goal is for Tom Cruise to go into space to shoot these sequences that have never been filmed before in a “natural” environment. “Tom Cruise takes us into space. He takes the world into space. That is the plan. We have a great project in development with Tom, and the idea is to do just that: take a rocket, take it to the space station and film the first civilian spacewalk…”

The very ambitious film has a budget of $200 million.

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