Tokyo Olympics 2021, Italy hopes to take the medal.  Porcino and percentages Saturday 7 August - OA Sport

Tokyo Olympics 2021, Italy hopes to take the medal. Porcino and percentages Saturday 7 August – OA Sport

Medal hopes in the Italian Olympics August 7

Rotate your path

Ilia Viviani and Simone Consone reached the last date of the Olympics in very high spirits. The former had taken an impressive bronze in omnium after the title 5 years ago in Rio; The second was part of the Quartet of the chase that climbed to the top of Olympus. Thus, there is no doubt that they are both fit and motivated to do well even in the major of Madison, who in the recent past has never smiled for blues. Perhaps the Azores couple lacks a bit of understanding, not my usual Six Day Heroes, but they are a couple capable of surprising. The competition will be huge: Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Spain, Belgium and France. It’s going to be a crazy race, by pure endurance: it’s very likely that it’s not the points assigned to the races that will make the difference, but the laps earned on opponents (which make 20 points).

Medal Percentage

Elia Viviani Simone Consone 40%


Silvia Simraro has great skills and has shown in the past that she can beat anyone. Blue is included in a very difficult swimming pool in the +61 kg category, which includes No. 1 of the standings (Azerbaijani Irina Zaretska), No. 4 (Turkish Meltem Hokkaoglu), as well as Japan’s Ayumi Uisuka, the first opponent to challenge our standard-bearer. Kazakh Sofia Peroltseva should not be underestimated. Only the first two will enter the semi-finals. If Semeraro succeeds in the project, then anything can happen…

Medal Percentage

Silvia Simraro 30%


Abraham Konedo has the chance of a lifetime to play for an Olympic medal in the 97kg freestyle class. In the first round of the replay, he will face Canada’s Jordan Steen, an opponent on hand. If he succeeds, he will reach the final for the bronze, where he will find the Turkish Suleyman Karadeniz. Anatolia, silver in the last European championships, will start as the favorites, but it will not be a closed match from the start.

Medal Percentage

Abraham Coniedo 45%

Photo: La Presse

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