Prediction between New Zealand and South Korea: analysis and outcome

Tokyo 2020 | Predict New Zealand and Honduras and the correct result

Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Men’s Soccer, Day Two (Sunday 25 July 2021). How are New Zealand and Honduras?

Only New Zealand can be okay After what was seen in the first round. The white team with the only shot on goal (Wood) overthrew South Korea and leads the group, like Romania.

why too the other genderbetween the Hondurans and the Romans, Expectation completely broken By handing over the entire booty to the European Community. Also in this case the match was directed, and Oliva’s own goal was decisive for Valero’s team.

Losing again means getting out, but a draw would be a lottery, because it should be considered as a result Romania and Korea And crossing with the Koreans on the last day.

New Zealand and Honduras: stats, previous matches, prediction, accurate result and useful information

At the under-23 selection level, there are no precedents, while for the first national team there are two friendlies that Honduras has never seen a win (one draw, one knockout) with little emotion.

The odds tell us a really balanced outlook, given that the Honduran victory came at 2.45 and the New Zealand victory at 2.90 (X between 3 and 3.20).

Expect New Zealand and Honduras: less than 2.5 + conversion 1-3 تحويل

a result exactly: New Zealand 0-1 Honduras

  • Hours: 10.00
  • 🏟 placeKashima Football Stadium (Kashima)
  • 🆚 last comparison:-
  • Live: Eurosport, Discovery +, Skygo e NowTv
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