Tokyo 2020: Beautiful Vanessa Ferrari shines through the night

Tokyo 2020: Beautiful Vanessa Ferrari shines through the night

Fabulous Vanessa. And Anna and Valentina get exactly what they want. On Italian night, there are beautiful performances by three Brescians in Tokyo Olympics.

volleyball player Anna Dancy With Italy against the girls of the Russian Olympic Committee, she won part-time matches 25-23, 25-19, 25-14. The Dane’s performance (6 points) was very positive, starting with Fehr.
Roncadil power plant translates Increasing competition, thanks to the fact that after the first set, the Italy match becomes more relaxed, and therefore develops more even with the central players. Next qualifying round match: Tuesday 27 at 9.25 Italian time, against Turkey.

On the same day, at 2.46, he will return to the race Valentina Esebi. In fact, the Gardone Riviera launcher focused on the four-boat blue boat (female rowing) on ​​the final match with her buddies. In this case, Italy ranked second in recovery battery, getting one of two passes for the final class on Tuesday 27. New Zealand win the replay. Azzurre crosses the finish line with a delay of 0″ 77. More separated and excluded, New Zealand, Great Britain, France and the United States.

Finally, a great gymnast Vanessa Ferrari. His performance is estimated at 14,166 in free body rehabilitation. From an individual point of view, this is an end result, but certainty will come in the Italian afternoon, when many opponents will have to step in. The Italian gymnastics team scored a score of 163.330. To see if it will be final, even in this case, you have to wait until the afternoon. The team’s final work is scheduled for Tuesday 27th at 12:45. That individual free body, on August 2 at 11.

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Finally, starting from 6.47 today, the women’s K1 slalom race (canoe) will also start, with the participation of the Brescia team. Stephanie Horn.