Today the opening ceremony, where to see and when to show Italy

Today the opening ceremony, where to see and when to show Italy

Paralympic Games Tokyo 2021: Today Opening Ceremony, where to see it and when to showcase Italy. The Disabled Movement Planetary Event will take place at 8 p.m. in Japan, at 1 p.m. in Italy, and end on September 5. Bebe Vio and Federico Morlacchi will be the flag bearers of Italy.

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Emperor Naruhito will officially begin the 16th Paralympic Games today at 1:00 p.m. Italian time, 8:00 p.m. in Japan. There will also be the flag of Afghanistan Waving: A “sign of solidarity” towards Afghan athletes Hossein Rasouli (discus throwing) and Zakia Khodadadi (taekwondo), who were unable to reach Japan after the Taliban took power in the country, the head of the International Paralympic Games announced. Andrew Parsons during a media conference held in Tokyo. A representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will carry the flag at the march.

Among the most anticipated athletes are German long jumper Marcus Rehm, nicknamed “Blade Jumper,” who set a world record, and Japanese tennis legend Shingo Konida. Many predict that China will continue its gold-medal dominance by staying at the top of the medal table, as it has done at every Paralympic Games from Athens 2004 onwards.

Tokyo Paralympics 2021, where to see them

The Paralympic Games in Italy will be broadcast by Rai thanks to an exclusive agreement with the Italian Paralympic Committee. The opening ceremony will be broadcast on Rai 2 from 13, and every day on Rai 2 it will always be live from 1.50 to 10.10 Italian. Then the broadcast of the Olympics will go to Rai Sport + HD (Channel 57 of digital terrestrial). Unlike the Olympics, the Paralympics will also be available on RaiPlay.

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Paralympic Games Tokyo 2021, when Italy showcases

A total of 183 flags will be displayed at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium to celebrate the opening of the 16th Paralympic Games. The ceremony will be attended by brigade-bearers from the 162 delegations present at the Games, but there will also be banners from the 21 non-present committees, including those for Afghanistan which will be waved by a volunteer and not, as initially called the IPC, by a representative of ‘UNHCR’. : The United Nations refugee agency has in fact rejected the invitation as a “neutral organisation”.

For the opening of the stage will be Alia Issa and Abbas Karimi of the Paralympic refugees team, to be closed by Mami Tani and Koyo Iwabuchi, representing Japan, the host country. NS.Hebei View and Federico Morlacci, the flag bearer of Italy, will review a sixteenth career.

Curious, he appeared at a briefing this morning at the main press center in Tokyo: The only delegation present at the Games that will not participate in the opening ceremony will be New Zealand. “We respect their decision, which was made for security reasons” and to protect the delegation, explained the IPC’s head of communications, Craig Spence.

Paralympic Games Tokyo 2021, the Azzurri in the race

Athletics: Martina Chironi, Marco Schicchetti, Francesca Sibelli, Monica Contravato, Oksana Corso, Ndiaga Dieng, Assunta Legnanti, Alessandro Osola, Niki Russo, Ambra Sabatini, Unni Tapia.

Canada: Veronica Silvia Piglia, Eleonora de Paulis, Esteban Gabriel Farias, Federico Mancarella.

Rowing: Lorenzo Bernard, Alessandro Brancato, GianFilippo Mirabelle, Greta Muti, Chiara Nardo, Cristina Scatucci, Lorena Foina (helmsman).

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Cycling: Katia Airi, Pierpaolo Adesi, Fabio Anubel, Paolo Sequito, Diego Colombari, Fabrizio Cornigliani, Giorgio Varone, Luca Mazzoni, Francesca Porcellato, Andrea Tarlao, Anna Vitellaro.

Riding: Sarah Morganti, Francesca Salvadi, Carola Cemberbone, Federica Celioni.

JUDO: Carolina Costa, Matilda Luria.

Swimming: Alberto Amodio, Simone Berlam, Federico Bassani; Luigi Piggiato, Alicia Pira, Francesco Betella, Vittoria Bianco, Federico Becelli, Francesco Bocciardo, Monica Bogioni, Vincenzo Boni, Simone Scioli, Antonio Fantin, Giulia Guerretti, Carlotta Gili, Giorgia Marchi, Emanuele Marigliano, Xenia Francesca Palazzo Angelo, Xenia Francesca Palazzo, Procida, Martina Rabbolini, Stefano Raimondi, Alessia Scortechini, Arianna Talamona, Giulia Terzi, Arjola Trimi.

The fence: Matteo Petti, Marco Sima, Eduardo Giordan, Emanuel Lambertini, Ionela Andrea Mojos, Rossana Pasquino, Loredana Trigiglia, Beatrice Maria Vio.

Folli Seated: Giulia Aringeri, Raffaella Battaglia, Flavia Barrigelli, Giulia Belandi, Silvia Biasi, Francesca Bosio, Eva Chicatelli, Sarah Cirelli, Sarah Dessini, Francesca Fossato, Roberta Pedrelli, Alessandra Vitali.

Lifting weight: Donato Telesca.

Taekwondo: Antonino Busolo.

Tennis players: Andrea Borgato, Michela Brunelli, Federico Falco, Amin Mohamed Kalim, Matteo Orsi, Matteo Parenzan, Giada Rossi.

Photography: Jacopo Capelli, Nadia Vario, Andrea Liverani, Pamela Novalio.

Sagittarius: Matteo Bonacina, Giampaolo Cancelli, Elisabetta Migno, Asia Bellisari, Vincenza Petrelli, Eleonora Sarti, Stefano Travisani, Maria Andrea Virgilio.

Triathlons: Giovanni Achenza, Anna Barbaro (Guide Charlotte Bonin), Alberto Poccoleiro, Rita Cukoro, Veronica Yoko Plibani.

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