Today at Apple’s online session “Get to know the iPad” “Macerkopf

Today at Apple’s online session “Get to know the iPad” “Macerkopf

When Apple launched the current iPad Pro in the spring of 2019, we got it to get Find out about free “Today at Apple” workshops in Apple stores. At that time we decided to hold the sessions on “Technical Skills: Reproductive Recognition” and “Technical Skills: Visualizing Ideas in Notes”. The free workshops are a good opportunity, especially for beginners, to learn about Apple products and services. But third-party apps, photo shoots, art workshops, and more are also coming into focus.

Due to the current health crisis and closed Apple stores, the manufacturer has developed free online sessions. These online events were launched recently Especially prepared also in German. We were curious to see how Apple did the whole thing. Without further ado, we started a Today at Apple online “Get to Know iPad” session. Reservations were made via the Apple website. While we don’t really need to get to know the iPad better, we wanted to get an insight into how Apple does it all and how useful online sessions can be.

Online session “Get to know the iPad”

First of all, the official description of the course

Get to know your iPad in this online session. Together with our Apple creations, you’ll discover how to use, set up, and use iPad to do things with ease. We’ll show you the latest iPadOS features and our best tips and tricks. For everyone new to iPad.

Some sessions are translated into sign language (this was not the case in our testing session).

Apple also has some small privacy tips ready before you sign up.

Only adults, parents, and legal representatives of minors are allowed to register. By registering, you consent to the processing of personal data by Apple for reservation and notification in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy.

After registering, you will receive an email with more information. It’s a Webex session. Apple recommends using Webex on a Mac. Alternatively, you can of course use Webex on iPad, iPhone, or any other device. Everything now also works in the browser.

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After registering, you will be “waiting for the reserved appointment”. One hour before the event, Apple will send you another email reminder that the session will start soon. In the mail you will receive the link to the live session again. You can click this shortly before the start and you will be taken to the online session. We preinstalled Cisco Webex Meetings on the Mac.

For data protection reasons, the camera and microphone are deactivated for all users via Webex for entire sessions. In other words: no one sees or hears you. However, you can interact with Apple bidders and ask questions at any time via integrated chat. In our case, a total of four Apple employees (including Creative Pro) were tasked with the online session. This made it possible to do this without any problems and at the same time to answer users’ questions. After a brief introduction by Apple employees, the actual topic “Getting to Know the iPad” began.

We would like to briefly outline the topics discussed in detail during the online session, without explicitly delving into individual topics and content.

After the timeline was introduced by Creative Pro, the introduction of the iPad began. Here we want to point out that this workshop is a beginners’ session in which the basics are explained. So you don’t need any real prior knowledge, but you shouldn’t expect to leave the session and afterwards have extensive specialist knowledge about iPad. It is all about the basics and getting to know each other for iPad beginners.

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Creative Pro first introduced the iPad, button display, screen explanation, screen orientation, camera, etc. IPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro all shown. This was followed by the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard offer.

In the next step, Lock Screen, Control Center, App Ranking, Delete Apps, Today View and Tools are shown and explained. Siri, search, pinch-to-zoom and multitasking functionality are also discussed. Apple Pencil usage explained with the Notes app. In this context, Apple has also briefly discussed third-party apps that fit perfectly with the Apple Pencil (like Procreate).


Overall, the “Get to Know the iPad” online session – which incidentally lasted more than 60 minutes – was a comprehensive event in which the basics of the iPad were taught. At the same time, it must be said that the online session cannot replace the “Today at Apple” workshop on site in Apple stores. However, Apple is doing the best of the situation and continues to offer free “Today at Apple” sessions to its customers in times of “social distancing”. It is fully conceivable that Apple will offer free online sessions in parallel with on-site sessions in stores even after COVID-19.

From our perspective, it makes sense anyway to take your iPad into session, so you can experience individual steps and functions and share. However, there is nothing to prevent entering the session without an iPad, for example to get to know the device a little better before purchasing it.

There are also links to all the topics during the Today at Apple session, so you can deal with it more extensively afterward. If users are in the mood for more, they can also participate in the online sessions “Know Your iPhone” and “Know Your Mac”.

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