Tobaya is injured, Lima Sopoaga publicly attacks Darcy Swain

The fifteenth world kicked off Grand Slam, competition with Leo Cooley, World Cup 2023 …

After the extremely obnoxious gesture to Darcy Swain during a rugby tournament, Quinn Toba suffers a very serious injury His absence was estimated at 9 months. Darcy Swain received a yellow card during the match and was subsequently suspended for “only” six weeks. If only because the gesture of Swain, who literally threw himself on the leg of the middle of New Zealand, is very dangerous. Not many understood the lightness of the punishments imposed on the wallaby.

One of the top 14 players reacted privately to the association’s announcement that his compatriot would be out for nine months. He does not hesitate to openly attack Darcy Swain, calling the Australian a “coward”, and this comment as a “joke”.

To summarize

After Darcy Swain’s infamous gesture during the rugby tournament, Quinn Toba suffers a very serious injury but the Australian is given very light penalties. And this, Lima Sopoaga does not tolerate that.

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