'To live...to the last moments': beIN SPORTS hoe TF1's venue for France/Poland

‘To live…to the last moments’: beIN SPORTS hoe TF1’s venue for France/Poland

Subtle yet visible. In this setting, beIN SPORTS clearly refers to the impasse that occurred last Wednesday during the Blues’ final group stage match against Tunisia. At the end of the match, after Antoine Griezmann scored the equalizing goal, the referee blew the final whistle. Then TF1 quickly returned the antenna and sent the advertisement.

TF1 writes to FIFA to complain about ‘damage’

But on beIN SPORTS, the pack quickly realized that the referee had finally decided to restart the match and watched the VAR images of Antoine Griezmann’s goal. Then he reversed his decision and canceled the goal of the French national team. Then the Blues lost 1-0 against the Tunisians. A sequence that was not broadcast live on TF1.

Channel One has since apologized to viewers, via the voice-over of its host Denis Brogniart and a press release. In addition, TF1 Director of Sport François Pelissier told the press that he intends to send a letter to FIFA to “It denounces harming its viewers and its brand imagePointing the finger at the responsibility of the referee who blew the final whistle and who reconsidered his decision, which is a very rare fact in football.

FFF will appeal the arbitral award

For its part, the French Football Federation has already indicated that it is contesting FIFA over referee Mathieu Conger’s decision on disallowing the goal. By the time the New Zealand referee decided to consult the VAR and then disallow the goal, the kick-off had already been given. However, according to the VAR protocol, it is not allowed to change the decision after resuming play.

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