To its great payoff, Gran Turismo drives unparalleled mechanics

To its great payoff, Gran Turismo drives unparalleled mechanics

There are games whose title is impressive enough to convey, once mentioned, a myriad of powerful sensations. Gran Turismo He is one of those.

The wait was long. hold approx. In a world of supremacy in sequels, perks, and exploits, this is almost never. That is why happiness to see such a prestigious and matrix land is more valuable. Because the series Gran Turismo It can claim to have shaped the history of video games, as very few people have ever had the opportunity to do so.

When the first opus was released in 1997, racing games have been on the rise for a long time. It’s even one of the most well-known genres, whether you’re walking through the halls, destroying your parents’ keyboard, or wearing your thumbs on console controllers. corn Gran Turismo and its international success (11 million copies sold, sorry) It will change the genre in depth. With that, new standards of realism, accuracy, and physicality are emerging in consumer video games.

way to speed

The simulator will gradually highlight its dominance of the competition for the rings, while the latter gradually absorb its influence and decorate itself with more and more clothes. Encounters multiply, and the franchise must fight more than once with rolling mechanics to ensure its superiority. Until an earlier chapter of 2013, which would see it accompany the final months of the PS3’s life, before letting us wait… and letting its rivals occupy the field in their own way. Of course, fans will be sitting behind the wheel of the 2017 GT Sport, the opus, which failed to be considered prime, will benefit from relevant additions over time, even becoming a prominently respected chapter in the saga, which can claim to be among the most comprehensive.

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However, to say it is an understatement Gran Turismo We missed it badly.

And to all the fans, GT7And the Available since 4 March, sounds like a return to basics, as much as a safeguard for glorious accomplishments. Available on PS4 and PS5, It seems that the game wants to emphasize more strongly than ever the basics of its DNA. Out of the question here to give in to the sirens at all online, or to stray a bit from the rigorous competition to offer picnics among silly country walks.

Don’t expect to ride on the side of a volcano, if a volcanic eruption threatens GT7It’s your brain before the possibilities offered by this condensed version of pure simulation. It should be a pleasure to follow a path as rich as it is progressive, for the purpose of the whole remains more than ever the complete completion of the pharaonic garage. The models are endless, and their settings are just as important. Not only does this new synthesis throw us into rough races, the flâneur is presented with many possibilities, and even in driving comfort, the almost sensory quality of the passenger compartments is the quality of the experience.

Filming, observing, scanning are all actions that will change the experience presented, including the most addicted of chrono, who will not fail to find here something to roll into the sunset.

GT7: photo

Glamour and luxury

Thanks to a graphics engine that is now able to achieve an impressive form of photo-realism in car modeling, the lowest race, driven by a professional or novice, at the wheel of an over-equipped race car, or a model used by the average civilian shopper, the feeling of observing the original cars has never been so obvious.

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With more than 420 models of cars that can be used in about 90 circuits (all the same), GT7 is very promising, and could prove to be the most capable of all the epic games in terms of achieving the ultimate simulation. Whether you’re there to drive, collect or shoot, The game celebrates the entire automotive culture, from technology to craftsmanship Or his taste in performance. Displays that will also be optimized for the PS5, starting with native 4K mode combined with 60fps animation, or using Raytracing for increased rendering density.

And the climax of a spirited audience: the iconic rolls of the epic, famous for its rejection of excessive style and always favoring clarity of information, are back. We’re already betting on it Browse stats for the many upgrades available, as well as performance ratings It will get all its salts back, while the most revolutionary car simulator engine is about to roar again.

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