to infinity and beyond ! Parcels arrive directly from space!

The idea of ​​receiving packages directly from space may sound like a scenario from a science fiction movie. However, that is exactly what Space SierraAn innovative company in the field of aviation. Their revolutionary concept, called Ghost, promises just that Revolutionizing the way we think about delivering goods On the ground.

While companies like Amazon are already exploring drone delivery services, Sierra Space is taking the technology a step further. Their system would allow supplies to be dropped from Earth's orbit to the planet Any point on the Earth in less than 90 minutes. This exceptional deadline opens up exciting prospects for remote or distressed areas.

How does the stealth system work?

the system ghost They are designed to be loaded with pre-selected supplies such as survival kits, inflatable rafts or even rations. These charges will be placed in orbit and kept ready for launch at the desired moment. Storage capacity up to Five years in orbit This makes the system particularly suitable for long-term preparations.

Once the handover command is activated, the deorbit engine slows the satellite to allow a controlled re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. Protected by a heat shield during this critical phase, the payload will then be guided precisely towards its drop point thanks to the parachute and adjustable rudder, ensuring Remarkable accuracy.

Sierra space
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Humanitarian applications and more

If the primary application of this system is delivery Vital equipment in areas affected by natural disasters,its use can be extended to more complex scenarios. The possibility of sending equipment to conflict zones or other theaters of operations where access is difficult represents a revolution in humanitarian and military missions.

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In addition, Space Sierra Consider using the system ghost For recovery missions, especially to bring items from International Space Station (ISS). These recovery missions can provide new life to equipment that was destined to be destroyed during re-entry into the atmosphere.

Future possibilities and system expansion

Eric Dylerdeputy chief of missions and orbital services at Space SierraHe talks about the future of this system with optimism. The long-term goal will be to develop the ability to recover larger items, going beyond mere survival supplies, he said. This perspective opens the way to Innovative uses of space technology To meet terrestrial needs, redefining the boundaries of what is possible in terms of global logistics.

When we look to the future, the possibilities seem as vast as space itself. With techniques like that Space SierraThe phrase “to infinity and beyond” could soon become a tangible reality, not only for space exploration but also for our daily lives on Earth.

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