To get great curly or wavy hair, here are 5 easy and uncommon ways

To get great curly or wavy hair, here are 5 easy and uncommon ways

We almost never feel satisfied with our hair. Those with smooth hair like to have curls and vice versa. The important thing is that our hair is soft and shiny. Indeed, to maintain the complete health of the hair, it is necessary not to neglect it and to use all possible precautions.

You shouldn’t be doing a lot of washing weekly, instead you should break it up with conditioner and do it nourishing masks and precautionary. Not all hair is the same, so if we tend to make it dry or oily, we’ll have to choose different products.

with regard to to cutWe select the right person for our face, to enhance the look and hide the flaws. Hairstyles in many cases can help us to look more elegant and charming, especially on some special occasions.

For example, if we want to define curly or wavy hair, without using straighteners and curling irons, we can use unusual techniques.

To get great curly or wavy hair, here are 5 easy and uncommon ways

The voluminous curly hair gives this impressive effect, to change our look for an evening out or define our curls there are very special ways to achieve it. In fact, there will be no need to use any tools and we can decide to do it at any time.

An unusual but still effective method is to use a simple wooden pencil. To make it easy, just first divide the hair into small strands. Let’s wrap them one by one around the pencil and keep the hair dryer pointed for about 30 seconds. This way we get small, defined and slightly bouffant curls, without the frizz effect.

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We will have the same result using conventional plastic or metal pipettes. The method is the same, we wrap the strands around the straw and direct the hair dryer for several seconds. If our hair is particularly straight or curly, we apply a bit of foam or a fixing product before any process.

If we want to have wavy or wavy hair, instead, we use toilet paper rolls as if they were large curlers. We twist the larger dry locks, fix them with hair clips, and stay in place for about 20 minutes, holding the shower cap.

Foil and rubber bands

We can also make use of tin foil, a technique often used for highlighting. In this case, however, theAluminium They will attach each dry-roll lock on itself. After repeating the procedure with all the locks, we pass the hair dryer for a few minutes and put on a shower cap for at least 30 minutes.

Another idea for creating unruly curls is to use hair ties. We divide the locks to dry well, twist them from the ends to the base and fix them with an elastic. Once the hair is thawed, we shake it to make it thick.

To get great curly or wavy hair, here are 5 easy and uncommon ways that will allow you to quickly change your look.

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