Time travel, is it possible soon?  What does science say

Time travel, is it possible soon? What does science say

There are several theories about the possibility of time travel. Some of them are very specific about it. However, highly advanced techniques are needed to achieve this goal.

Doctor Who, Interstellar, Back to the Future, and more. Movies and series have always dealt with the topic of time travel. Some are based on sound scientific facts, others will remain in the realm of science fiction. However, researchers have researched this topic. And According to some theories, time travel is possible. But several specific conditions are needed to achieve it.

The theory of relativity could be the key

Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientists in history, developed an accurate theory. According to his calculations, the flow of time is not constant. Depending on the variables, it can speed up or slow down. Note that its design takes into account time, mass, gravity, and space.

“This is where time travel can come into play. “It is scientifically accurate and has real-world implications,” said Emma Osborne, astrophysicist, University of York, UK.

This theory has been proven through the work of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The difference in gravity affects satellites orbiting the Earth. So the clocks on this device have to run faster to synchronize with our terrestrial devices. This is confirmation of the effect of gravity on time.

“The clocks above tick faster than the clocks on Earth. They have to be constantly adjusted. If we didn’t, Google Maps would be wrong by about 10 kilometers a day,” said Emma Osborne.

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Based on this scientific fact, time travel is possible. But you need an intense gravitational field to achieve this goal. Furthermore, we can also exploit another variant of the theory of relativity. Moving at close to the speed of light allows you to cross the time barrier. But these theories are only about traveling to the future.

However, we do not yet have the technology to achieve this feat. But the theory of relativity already represents a big step forward.

Other theories also focus on this topic

In 1991, physicist Richard Gott provided a startling mathematical description. According to him, Two cosmic threads must intersect in opposite directions. This then leads to a closed time curve. This physicist proved his theory by performing precise calculations. Based on this theory, we can create a path through space and time.

On the other hand, The wormhole theory seems to support the possibility of time travel. According to this thinking, spacetime is interpreted as a folded piece of paper. It is then possible to dig a tunnel to connect two distant points.

“It has been mathematically proven that they (wormholes) can exist, but their physical existence is something else,” Emma Osborne.

Other studies have focused on time travel. The most famous is Negative energy theory and Quantum mechanics.

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