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TikTok overtakes Facebook and becomes the most downloaded mobile app – La Nouvelle Tribune

Chinese app tik tok It became the most downloaded mobile in 2020 globally. At least that is what should be remembered from the information reported by the Japanese media. “Nikki Asia”. It has already removed Facebook and many other applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger which all belong to Facebook.

Tik Tok setbacks with Trump

Also according to Asian media, Telegram also occupies a good place in this ranking. It would be ranked seventh in a context where the study was conducted in the midst of a pandemic. It should also be remembered that TikTok occupies this place despite the pressure on the company publishing it by the Trump administration. The Republican billionaire had given the Chinese company the option to sell the app to a US company within 45 days or forcibly remove it from app stores.

It is still a property of ByteDance

But the deal never really happened. The 45-day deadline has been extended several times. In recent months, TikTok which is still owned by ByteDance has had 7 million new American users. “TikTok became the most downloaded app in Europe, South America and the United States”At the height of the epidemic related to the novel coronavirus.

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