TikTok bans the Milk Crate challenge, which is considered too dangerous

TikTok bans the Milk Crate challenge, which is considered too dangerous

The Chinese social network should play the middleman again, by banning another serious challenge from its platform.

On social networks, challenges of all kinds are plentiful, and we must admit that they are not always very smart. After warning netizens of “Imagination Challenge” – which called on netizens to have their waist as thin as a sheet of paper, – or against “Scalp Secretion Challenge” – which consists of pulling your hair until it makes a cracking sound, doctors are now concerned about a new trend, which is Milk crate challenge.

climbing milk crates

A new trend on social networks, the Milk Crate Challenge is to photograph yourself as you climb an unsteady pyramid of milk crates. The idea is not particularly clever, and often ends amazing waterfallsAs well as large bruises. Thus, many American emergency doctors warn on social networks about the dangers of fractures and bleeding.

TikTok reacts

To try to limit the hype of the Milk Crate challenge on its own, TikTok has decided on its part Ban the hashtag #milkcratechallenge from the algorithm As well as search results related to this type of content. In response, the social network simply refers to This sentence may be associated with behavior or content that violates our rules.. In the French app, searching for a custom hashtag provides access to several videos criticizing the challenge, but none that show it directly.

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For their part, Baltimore health authorities have warned netizens of this serious challenge, which comes at a critical time for the city, where emergency services are already available. saturated with covid-19 cases. It is also reported that in addition to risking their health, young American teens who give themselves up to this challenge risk paying for their own stupidity, at a time when the American health system is still poorly reimbursing health costs.

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