Three thermal power plants were damaged by Russian attacks…

Three thermal power plants were damaged by Russian attacks…

“We will continue to fight.” The family of American journalist Ivan Gershkovich, who was arrested in Russia a year ago on espionage charges, promised on Friday to continue their fight for his release. His family said in a letter to the magazine’s readers: “We never imagined that such a situation would happen to our son and brother, let alone “About spending a whole year in a state of uncertainty.” Wall Street Journal, employer. But despite this long battle, we remain strong. »

In their letter, his parents Michael and Ella and his sister Danielle described an “unimaginable” year. “We felt like we were holding our breath,” the family described. “We lived with constant pain in our hearts thinking about Evan every moment of the day.”

The family added in the letter: “We saw him facing the matter with his head held high because he is innocent.” We will continue to fight for Ivan's freedom no matter the cost. »

On Friday, Ukraine announced that Russian forces launched 99 drones and missiles on Ukrainian territory during the night, and that its defense system was able to destroy 84 of them. The Ukrainian Air Force said: “84 air targets were destroyed: 58 witnesses and 26 missiles.” In reference to Iranian-made attack drones regularly used by Russian forces.

The Ukrainian energy company DTEK announced on Friday that three Ukrainian thermal power plants were damaged after the launch of Russian unmanned missiles. “The occupiers attacked three thermal power plants belonging to DTEK. The equipment was severely damaged. “After the attack, engineers quickly began to deal with the consequences.”

The Polish Armed Forces said that their country's military planes took off to monitor Polish airspace due to Russian missiles in western Ukraine. The Polish Army Command said in a statement: “During the night, intense long-range air activity was observed by the Russian Federation associated with missile strikes on targets on Ukrainian territory.”

The statement added that “all necessary measures have been taken to protect Polish airspace,” and that Polish forces are “continuously monitoring the situation.”

The Ukrainian Energy Minister announced on Friday that Russian drones and missiles targeted power plants in eastern and central Ukraine overnight from Thursday to Friday. A weather alert was issued overnight from Thursday to Friday across Ukraine. German Energy Minister German Galoshenko said that this “massive attack” targeted targets, especially energy production sites in the regions of Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Cherkasy.

“Tonight, the air defense forces shot down ten drones over the region – in the Pavlograd, Kryvyi Ryg, Dnipro and Kamyansky regions,” the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region said in a statement. Four missiles were destroyed over Dnipro.” “Many energy facilities have been damaged […] Sergey Lysak added that a man was injured in one of them.

In Kamiansky, an agricultural cooperative was hit and five people were injured – a 5-year-old boy and two women, ages 19 and 47, who did not require hospitalization, and two men, ages 36 and 47, who were in serious condition.

Like every day, the editorial staff at 20 minutes It is packaged to provide you with all the information about the conflict. On Thursday, Russian bombing of Ukraine continued. Several raids resulted in the killing of at least three people and the wounding of about fifteen others, especially in the south and east of the country. This sector borders the northern border with Russia, and therefore regularly finds itself under fire from Russian forces.

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