Three New Zealand photographers among the most beautiful images of the Milky Way

Three New Zealand photographers among the most beautiful images of the Milky Way

Contest every year Capture the Atlas It rewards the most beautiful images of the Milky Way. Three Kiwi photographers have been selected among this year’s winners.

Galaxy Kiwi, this is a business title Evan make up. The photographer who made a specialty of unreal landscapes, thanks to his shot, was able to be one of the winners of the competition. A work carried out in two stages, after the artist had already gone for the first time to my feet Mountain TaranakiIt is located on the North Island.

Evan McKay

“I had filmed there before, but I felt I could do better, so I went back on an unexpected trip to try again.” Announces.

Photography is one of the most symmetrical images in the world, but it’s not quite as the photographer explains: “I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sky was clear in the morning and started climbing and shooting from that spot on The Puffer. Although not perfectly aligned with the Milky Way, it was my first tuning arc of the year. It even was There are a few meteors flying around and I grabbed a few on my tyres. I arrived a bit late so ended up with the foreground photos at dusk, which required a lot of color, temperature and exposure adjustments to incorporate into the panorama.”

Nick Faulkner chose to perpetuate Castle hillin the south of the island New Zealand. Above white space, the Milky Way is symmetrically reflected in the water it dominates. Rudely calling for loneliness, the artist had to face it to take this shot: “After driving on the side roads and through many towns, of about 10 houses and taverns, and beyond thousands of sheep, I came to Hill Castle “.

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Milky Way
Nick Faulkner

Corner is very popular with fans of the Milky Way as it also explains: “This alpine region is one of my favorite places for photographing the stars, as is the case for many aficionados of starry sky. Hundreds of limestone rock formations protruding from the ground are a great target for capturing. Add to that the snowfall and you can’t do much better than that. . »

Finally, the third winner is another starry nights enthusiast. Fascinated by the stars and the sky that you pursue around the world, Rachel Roberts He managed to get a shot similar to that of Faulkner. But “rocks” is far from a pale version. If we find the same starry arch there, the sandy decor of his cat straddling a long beach gives the appearance of an apocalypse to his work. And for good reason, it is located on the west coast of the island of New Zealand She went to get her picture.

Milky Way
Rachel Roberts

“Some of New Zealand’s darkest and most unforgiving skies are found along the west coast of the South Island, which is a fortunate place to call home.”

taken at Motukieki Beach, the shot immortalizes the coral reefs of New Zealand. A difficult task that was not easy for the photographer: “Although this was not the formation I was hoping to shoot tonight, due to the huge bulge that prevented any chance of getting out of the main reef, I am still incredibly happy with what I came up with and really very proud to have just had the baby 6 weeks in Earlier. The sleep deprivation I felt was severe!”

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