Thousands of young people take to the streets of Glasgow to call leaders to action

Thousands of young people take to the streets of Glasgow to call leaders to action

The fifth day of COP26, Friday 5 November, is for youth. I took the opportunity to give a voice: thousands of young people hit the sidewalk in Glasgow (Scotland, UK), From Kelvingrove Park to George Square, just a few hundred meters from the buildings housing the International Climate Conference negotiations. The event was invited by Fridays for the Future and activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nackett.

After the rally organized by the Extinction Rebellion on Wednesday 3 November, more than 8,000 people were expected to keep pressure on international negotiators, assembled in the Scottish city. At the meet in Kelvingrove Park, several young Scots. Yvonne also came with Cass, her 12-year-old daughter. “You have to be thereAnd mother says. The future is hers tomorrow! “

Activists from all over the world have also made the trip, such as Regina. This 20-year-old Mexican came to denounce the inaction of political leaders: “[Ils] Don’t take any action. But the climate crisis is already here.” Like many, she claims a “climate justice”, because the first victims of environmental degradation do not necessarily have the means to be heard: In my country, indigenous people are dying of ‘extractivism’ [l’exploitation massive des ressources naturelles]. “

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Many feel that their voice does not reach the politicians, such as Persephone, a young Scottish woman: “I’m sick of leaders who don’t listen to us. We have to fix their mess!” They have already voiced their concerns at their climate conference, the Conference on Youth (COY). The World Youth Declaration (in english), published on Friday 5 November and signed by more than 40,000 people, thus claiming it Actively and meaningfully involve youth in all decision-making processes on climate change.

The organizers were pleased with the scale of the event. “There has been little change in the fight against climate change for four years…we have been mobilized near the COP to make our voice heard”Sky Lily Mariner, a four-year member of Friday’s Scottish Futures chapter, explained. His voice is covered with a logo “The united people will never be defeated!”

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