Thousands of people protest against covid-19 vaccines in New Zealand - the world

Thousands of people protest against covid-19 vaccines in New Zealand – the world

Sydney (Australia), December 16 (EFE). – About 3,000 people demonstrated on Thursday in the New Zealand capital against measures and vaccination by covid-19, the same day a case of the omicron variant emerged in the country and 90% of the target population has already been vaccinated.

Radio New Zealand reported that the rally, organized by the Freedom and Rights Alliance led by fundamentalist pastor Brian Tamaki, traveled the streets of Wellington until it reached Parliament, which is closed for the Christmas holiday.

According to a video posted by the group, many anti-vaccine activists have criticized the restrictions due to COVID-19 and the obligation to vaccinate in jobs while outreach to the public allegedly threatening freedom and dividing society.

The phrase “Do not touch my freedoms or my rights” can be read on a banner from the demonstration in which no one wore a mask and was attended by a group of motorcyclists.

The rally was called on the same day a traveler from Germany was reported to have contracted the omicron variant of the coronavirus upon arrival in Auckland on the North Island on Sunday, according to a statement from the New Zealand government.

In addition, the authorities indicated that 90% of the target population has already been vaccinated against COVID-19, which equates to more than 3.78 million people.

This feat has been achieved despite the fact that the authorities began vaccinating later and more slowly than other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Spain.

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New Zealand, which will keep its borders closed to foreign travelers until April 2022, was one of the countries that had previously worked aggressively against Covid-19 and managed to keep the number of infections at around 13,230 and deaths at 48. .

But in October it abandoned the zero-case strategy due to increased vaccination and adopted a “traffic light” system consisting of several levels of alerts and restrictions that can be applied by region.

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