Thomas Bergon reveals a big joke to the club about the final

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Stade Rochelais won his European title over Leinster without Tawera Kerr-Barlow, the first half who got injured in his hand.

But at one point, the hope of seeing half of New Zealand’s scrum on grass at the Orange Velodrome in Marseille was real because the team’s crew claimed to have found a protective glove, manufactured by a company from Cork, that would – allow the player to participate in the match despite his injury.

But in an interview with Rugbyrama, Thomas Berjon, a youngster who finally took part in the final in place of the New Zealander, admitted that the announcement was in fact a beautiful lie that was maintained by the entire team.

Honestly, we still laugh a lot between us. I don’t know how you can convey information of this kind! We said to ourselves: “It is not possible to believe such a thing!” In fact, I think it lightened the atmosphere a bit. We’ve talked a lot about this glove and we’re still talking about it! Yes, that was a very funny story.

Inferno is a hoax in which Ronan Ogara possesses her secret.

to summarize

Stade Rochelais won their European title over Leinster without injuring Tawera Kerr Barlow in his hand. At one point, Ronan O’Gara had kept hope alive for a half-scrum thanks to a glove he allegedly ordered from an Irish company. Thomas Bergon exposed the deception after the final.

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