This unofficial application fully integrates with Windows

This unofficial application fully integrates with Windows

If you’ve been one of the many users of ChatGPT AI since its release at the end of 2022, a new unofficial native app for Windows, Easychat AI, allows you to use the service without logging into an OpenAI account.

Unofficial app provides better integrated use of ChatGPT with Windows. // Source: Easychat AI

It is an unofficial version that is almost better than the web version. While ChatGPT conversational intelligence has become popular globally since its launch in November 2022, a new application named Easychat AI OpenAI service integrates in the form ofThe original app for Windows on the Microsoft Store.

A service transmitted by the information site Windows Central which goes a bit further in adapting ChatGPT to Microsoft’s operating system.

No login required

The first advantage of Easychat AI compared to the web version of ChatGPT: The casual desktop application is light and adopts the design icons recently developed by Windows 11, even offering a dark mode identical to the operating system windows.

Moreover, EasychatAI is compatible with Markdown format, which makes it easier to read and write code in the application. Just noticed a small blemish before Windows Central : The web version of ChatGPT seems to handle displaying text with bullets, line breaks, and formatting elements better.

Source: Easychat AI

On the other hand, Easychat AI does not require a connection to an OpenAI account to be used, as does the official web version. If you had to enter your ChatGPT API key in Settings (previously obtained via OpenAI account), you don’t need to enter your credentials to use the app. The key is stored locally on your computer.

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Free service (almost)

However, the OpenAI API remains pay-per-use. But according to the journalist Windows Centralthis accessVery affordable. So far you’ve spent $0.04 on the $5 free trial credit provided by OpenAI.»

On the EasychatAI side, the Windows app is free to download and use for up to 30 requests per day and for a single device. After this limit, development must be supported with a $20 lifetime subscription to unlock unlimited searches on up to 10 devices. However, as of April 5, 2023, Easychat AI is offering a cheaper introductory offer at… $0. So it’s the right time to enjoy it for free.

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