This technique cannot be stopped to know if a contact has read your message on WhatsApp

This technique cannot be stopped to know if a contact has read your message on WhatsApp

Have you been waiting for a response for a while and want to know if your message has been viewed? There is a very effective method on WhatsApp.

For work, a private matter, or a family exchange, waiting long minutes or even hours for a response to a message can be difficult for many of us. Many questions come to mind at this time to find out if the person saw your message, was busy doing something else, or if they simply didn't want to respond. However, there is a method that will allow you to know if the person you have contacted has read your message. If she ignores you for a long time, she will finally be able to unmask her.

The WhatsApp messaging service offers a very powerful option that not everyone necessarily uses: the ability to see if the person contacted has read your message. First, there is no need to click on message or chat settings, everything happens visually.

Check marks, more commonly called “check marks”, It allows you to know instantly if the message has been received and read by the recipient(s). You can find these pictograms at the bottom right of a sent message, and they change colors depending on the sending status. The gray check mark, which appears first, means that the sent message has not yet been received by the recipient. If you see a second gray check mark below your message, it has been received. Finally, the gray check marks will turn blue when your message is read.

Check marks are updated based on the status of your messages © Nathan Govron

When chatting in a group, the principle is similar, except that two gray check marks appear when the message is sent to all recipients. Blue check marks appear once all group members have seen the message. Another “clock” icon may also appear on the screen. Most often, this means that the message has not yet been delivered due to connection problems.

If you then want to get details about who read your message or not and at what time, especially in a group chat, here's a little-known tip. It will only take a few clicks. Here are the steps for Android users:

  1. Press and hold on the message you sent.
  2. A menu opens and offers you several choices. Click on the “i” in a circle or “Info.”
  3. The screen will then list who your message was distributed to, those who read it, and even at what time!

This maneuver is easier for iPhone users, as you will simply need to swipe the chat screen to the left to see who viewed your message and when it was read. Note that on a laptop and especially on Windows, you can click the arrow at the top right of the message and then open SettingsMessage information“.

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