This Pokémon Go player sacrifices his Key Ball for a meme

This Pokémon Go player sacrifices his Key Ball for a meme

Gaston Cooney

A Pokémon Go player is being praised and ridiculed by other fans online for using a hard-to-obtain Master Ball on Pokémon that has become a meme.

It took several years to integrate them, but Pokémon Go finally added Master Balls in 2023. Like Master Balls in the main Pokémon games, they have a 100% capture rate, ensuring you have a chance of catching the Pokémon you encounter.

Those willing to pay can win a major ball as part of a special study. Not many players like to pay for a Master Ball, but many do, because this guaranteed catch is incredibly valuable for those looking for a specific type of Pokémon.

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The fact that Master Balls are valuable also means that some players like to use them on non-meta or weaker Pokémon and share their feats online. The most recent example is a curious one, as the Master Ball was used on a rare but also very common Pokémon.

A Pokémon Go player used a valuable Key Ball on a shiny Keunotor

A Pokémon Go Reddit user revealed that he used a Master Ball to capture a shiny Keunotor, a Pokémon prized for its memetic qualities. This received mixed reactions from other users in the thread, with some praising the author for his love of Keynote.

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“Well, he's not just a Kinotaur. He's a brilliant Kinotaur. I don't know what a sane person would do. What if he ran away?? No. In the presence of God, you realize it, yes, you understand it!” one user wrote.

However, not everyone was as nice as one user said: “What explains the madness of missing key balls?” While another said: “I want to study the brain of anyone who finds this funny.”

While this may seem like a waste of a Master Ball, it's worth noting that shiny Pokemon are still rare and still worth adding to your collection. Sure, the Main Ball is better spent on a Mythical or Mythical Pokemon, but the Shiny Ball isn't far behind in value, regardless of the Pokemon.

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This isn't the first time a Pokémon Go player has used a Master Ball on a Keunotor, and it won't be the last. People love the goofiness of the Keunotor line, the cue ball is only as valuable as its use, and what better way than to make sure you have a shiny Keunotor in your collection?

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