This new skyscraper deserves the greatest sci-fi movie

This new skyscraper deserves the greatest sci-fi movie

A huge new skyscraper could revolutionize the world of architecture. And the way it is imagined deserves a true science fiction movie.

huge skyscraper

Welcome to the future. The Persian Gulf countries are still aiming for very large-scale architectural projects. These include the development of a cultural center on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi and the construction of Desert Islands, which will provide the largest national park in the Persian Gulf. In Dubai, we can mention the “Sixth Crossing”, which will be the longest arch bridge in the world, or the Dubai Frame, a gigantic monument 150 meters high and 93 meters wide.

Dubai is not left out. The Burj Khalifa, a gigantic 830-meter-high tower, dominates the urban landscape Dotted with skyscrapers. However, a completely disproportionate project can steal the show.

The city center is a huge ring with a height of 550 meters

It is a huge 3 km tall skyscraper built around the Burj Khalifa. its name ? Downtown Circle skyscraper, Huge high-rise city Built in the form of an arc of a circle that dominates the city. Built with a height of 550 meters, the structure consists of Two giant rings interconnected with a circumference of 3 km. Inside, one can find homes, apartments, offices, shopping malls and imposing gardens with waterfalls and sand dunes. Just this, alive in itself.

How do you make the project possible? Designed by ZN Erathe giant ring will benefit from the rainwater harvesting systemair pollution filter and carbon storage medium, as well as a solar power source.

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In addition, the downtown circuit will have an outer ring dedicated to traffic. A large-scale means of transportation to bring the population from one place of the structure to another by moving the terminal pods At a speed of up to 100 km / h.

The studio behind the project ZNera Space explains:

Swamps, waterfalls and tropical plants, with fruit trees and flowers of different colors will enrich this ecosystem. The Skypark will be a green lung that will seek to replenish the oxygen in the air, in addition to integrating a series of activities and research centers. Incorporated into the office, cultural, scientific and educational domains, this mixed space will form a new contemporary symbol of the city: a green and natural landmark, a platform for people to interact, experience and develop learning in connection with nature. “

This project aims to Make the city develop vertically, To keep pace with rising water levels in the coming decades, as well as to respond to the significant population growth observed over the past forty years. However, the project is still in its infancy, Preparatory schemes have been made, but given the significant logistical resources (human and material), it seems unlikely that Downtown Circle happens quickly.

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