This new Instagram option will please users, especially those who use it very quickly

This new Instagram option will please users, especially those who use it very quickly

The social network that allows users to share their life moments in photos has been enriched with many new features, including one that should be particularly popular.

Instagram, one of the world's favorite social networks, continues to innovate to improve its users' experience. Many of them will be happy to know the latest news that has just been revealed.

As a reminder, Instagram is the platform for sharing photos and videos with friends. Launched in 2010, the network now has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Its impressive success can be explained by its ease of use and its creative filters that allow everyone to enhance their photos with just a few clicks.

But Instagram does not rest on its laurels and constantly seeks to renew itself to meet the expectations of users, especially younger ones. Among the latest innovations, we note for example the possibility of creating Reels, these short dynamic videos based on the TikTok model. Stories and temporary lives are also very popular features.

But that's not all, far from it! Instagram just announced some great new options to improve its mobile app. Indeed, it will be possible to choose different themes to personalize your conversations: romantic with hearts, fun with lollipops or even inspired by cartoons like Avatar. Enough to add color to your exchanges!

Another expected improvement: You can pin up to 3 important conversations to the top of your inbox to access them more quickly. Practical for keeping in touch with your close friends. Users will also have the option to activate read receipts or not, globally or discussion by discussion, for added confidentiality.

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But the new thing that will please forgetful users or those who type very quickly is the ability to edit their messages 15 minutes after sending them! No more stressing about typos or poorly worded sentences, you can calmly correct them by holding down the message. A small “Modified” will then be displayed to notify the recipient.
This upcoming feature is sure to avoid a lot of misunderstandings and misunderstandings. It's similar to what has been offered on iMessage for two years now. Proof that Instagram is keen on following trends to increasingly facilitate communication between its members.

Are you looking forward to testing out all these new features? They are supposed to be deployed gradually over the coming days. It's enough to make your Instagram experience more fun and personalized. On your smartphones!

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