This miracle update cools your processor without losing performance!

This miracle update cools your processor without losing performance!

This week Intel published a new microcode for some of its processors, which allows the CEP function to be deactivated for those who want to overclock their CPU. With the feature disabled, processors run cooler without losing performance.

This miracle update cools your processor without losing performance!
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MSI customers, the manufacturer has a nice surprise for you this week. The firmware for 700 series motherboards allows you to deactivate Current trip protection (CEP), thanks to Intel's new microcode integration. in Posted on his blogThe manufacturer explains that by deactivating this function, some processors operate at lower temperatures, without compromising performance.

Overclocking on Intel CPUs was causing problems

CEP is a protection function that prevents the processor from becoming unstable when insufficient voltage is supplied to it. UnlikeOverclocking (Which can also apply to SSDs!) Some users want to see their processor running at lower frequencies, whether they want to make their devices more quiet or Less energy intensive. This training incorrectly triggers the CEP, resulting in decreased performance.

While Raptor Lake-S Refresh (14th Gen) K-series processors have long allowed CEP to be disabled on Z-series motherboards, this has not been the case for non-K processors. MSI tests reveal that the Core i9-14900 and Core i7 -14700 may lose up to 40% of their performance when overclocked with CEP enabled. With the new microcode published by Intel this week, these processors will not lose performance and operate at a cooler temperature of up to 16 degrees Celsius.

Who is affected by MSI BIOS update for Intel CPUs?

So MSI is updating the BIOS of its motherboards with this new microcode from Intel (which recently admitted its graphics cards are lagging). The latter allows CEP to be deactivated on some non-Z chipset processors and motherboards. The relevant persons are therefore owners of personal computers equipped with a 600 or 700 series motherboard, which accommodate Intel processors of the following classes:

  • Raptor Lake-S (14th Gen) update: Non-K processors
  • Raptor Lake-S (13th generation): K processors
  • Alder Lake-S (12th generation): K processors
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MSI has already released it On its official website BIOS update for Z790 and Z690 motherboards including microcode. The option to disable CEP should appear with it installed. However, B760 and 600 series BIOS cards are not yet eligible, and updates are currently in development. A little patience, their arrival is imminent: the launch is planned for March.

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Below is a summary table of current microcode availability, by MSI motherboard and CPU, for a clearer view:

Healer CM Z790 / Z690 cm B760 / B660
14th generation K series Yes (already exists) Yes
14th generation non-K series Yes Yes
13th generation K series Yes no
13th generation non-K series no no
12th generation K series Yes no
12th generation non-K series no no
  • MSI has published a BIOS update for its Z790/Z690 motherboards allowing CEP to be disabled
  • This feature reduces performance when overclocking on some Intel processors.
  • An update that includes the microcode to disable CEP on the B760 and B660 motherboards is coming soon.

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