This lost rocket in space carries human ashes: Vulcan Centaur drifts due to fuel leak

This lost rocket in space carries human ashes: Vulcan Centaur drifts due to fuel leak

The Peregrine mission's Vulcan Centaur rocket suffered a fuel leak on January 8, 2024, preventing it from reaching the Moon. It is currently drifting through space carrying ashes and human DNA.

It was lost 350,000 kilometers away, and human ashes were scattered into space. It was transported on a Vulcan Centaur rocket The Shaheen lunar missionThe cells and remains of human origin are expected to land on the moon a few days after its departure on January 8 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, according to reports. geography.

The mission's first objective was eventually aborted due to a fuel leak. The spacecraft is currently located hundreds of miles from Earth and is unable to continue its plan, but it is still sending valuable data to scientists.

Mission failed

The startup Astrobotic, which was behind the Peregrine lunar lander, has failed to make history. It was scheduled to be the first to send an American spacecraft to the moon in 50 years. Despite this fuel leak that puts an end to its lunar odyssey, it is looking for “solutions to prolong its life.”

Sending a spacecraft to the moon is not easy. I commend @astroboticHard work, resilience and commitment while facing the challenges of their mission. With any breakthrough innovation comes rewards and risks. Every lunar endeavor expands the opportunities available to us…

– Dr. Nikki Fox (@NASAScienceAA) January 11, 2024

And for good reason, precious samples were sent aboard the machine for scientific experiments. In addition to these tests to be carried out, Vulcan Centaur carried symbols: letters from children, human ashes, memorial plaques, artists' works, bitcoins… It was finally the return of human presence on the moon, and the gene. Parisian.

Why after 50 years?

During the Apollo missions between 1969 and 1972 only 4% of the moon's surface Samples were taken and studied. There are still many mysteries about the Moon's formation and geology.

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If man has to wait five decades before setting foot on the moon again, it's because it's still a planet Technological prowess and budget. It requires 277 thousand euros per kilogram to be sent into orbit around the satellite, 1.1 million euros on its surface, and 4.15 million euros for the Astrobotic spacecraft.

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