This little Google Maps tweak will help you save fuel during your car trips

This little Google Maps tweak will help you save fuel during your car trips

Are you looking for a good way to save fuel on your car trips? Use this little option in the Google Maps app: it will show you the best route to reduce your consumption.

Today, it’s hard to live without Google Maps, the mapping and directions app designed by Google. They are enriched every year with new functions or well-thought-out options to facilitate our travels. The power of the American giant’s algorithms provides many services to improve all trips, but they are not always highlighted well enough to take advantage of them.

This is the case for a function that nevertheless allows you to save money when traveling by car. By indicating the starting point and the destination point, Google Maps calculates the route taking into account the consumption necessary for the trip. To do this, the app relies on topographic data (such as hills on the road), but also different speed limits imposed and predicts traffic jams based on traffic history.

The result is a route that saves the most fuel and also reduces the impact on carbon dioxide emissions. The travel distance may be longer than usual, and the time it takes to reach your destination may extend, but it may be worth it. If we are to believe the tests conducted by Google, it is sometimes possible to save up to 30% of fuel. Please note: However, Google warns that this option is not available for distances less than 5 km. The display of other available methods remains present. So you can choose the one that suits you.

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Don’t look for a button to activate on the map displayed in Google Maps: the option to create a fuel-efficient route can be found in the app’s settings. It is available on both Android and iOS (iPhone). Open Google Maps on your smartphone and tap on your avatar icon at the top right. He chooses Settings then Navigation and sailing or Navigation settings. Then scroll down to the section Route options And turn the switch on Prefer fuel-efficient methods.

From now on, when you’re looking for a way to get somewhere, the most fuel-efficient route will be indicated by a little green leaf. Tap on it to select it and then swipe the information tray at the bottom of the screen for more details. Google Maps then indicates how much fuel (expressed in percentages) has been saved.

Through the settings, you can of course indicate the type of engine of your car: diesel, gasoline, hybrid or electric. As for the latter, Google plans to indicate open and free charging stations on the map in the coming weeks. practical. To save even more money on your travels, you can also ask Google Maps to show you roads that have no tolls or even no highways or ferries. The trip will undoubtedly be longer, but more economical!

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