This is what the MIUI alternative will look like on Xiaomi smartphones

This is what the MIUI alternative will look like on Xiaomi smartphones

GSMArena has obtained several posts from the social network Weibo allowing you to learn more about the new features planned for HyperOS, the future interface for Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi 13T Pro for clarification // Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

Xiaomi this week announced the end of the upcoming MIUI in favor of a new interface called HyperOS for its Android smartphones. Until now, the Chinese manufacturer has been somewhat discreet regarding the elements of this new interface, only confirming that this interface “It has the potential to reshape the smartphone landscape and operating system“.

Since this initial announcement, we continue to learn more about HyperOS. the site GSMArena I searched the Chinese social network Weibo to discover posts from users who already have access to this update on their Xiaomi smartphones. Right now, the only visual elements in common are static images, but they really allow you to get an idea of ​​the interface and especially the options offered to users.

Concretely, the interface looks particularly close to MIUI 13, especially with regard to the control panel and settings shortcuts. On the home screen too, Xiaomi maintains its tradition of displaying square app icons with slightly rounded corners, rather than round icons. However, the interface seems to prioritize graphic elements that have a lot of transparency, whether in apps – Weather, for example – or on the shortcuts panel.

The interface seems highly customizable

Above all, HyperOS seems to be particularly optimized for lock screen customization, like what Apple can offer on iOS. A screenshot allows you to view the different fields whose data can be modified – temperature, time or date – as well as the font.

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At the moment, we still don’t know what new features, animations, or customization options HyperOS will offer. However, the wait should be short: Xiaomi has already announced that its new smartphone operating system will make its debut on the future Xiaomi 14. However, the smartphone will be unveiled next October, or within eleven days in China. We still don’t know when we can expect HyperOS to be rolled out in France.

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