This is the rugby player who holds the record for World Cup points scored, and a legend of the sport

This is the rugby player who holds the record for World Cup points scored, and a legend of the sport

The Rugby World Cup holds its share of records, each more bizarre than the last. Today, let’s take a look at the player who has scored the most points in a single edition.

Big results, close matches, and surprises… in every edition Rugby World Cup Surprises the audience. Born in 1987, this event should bring with it the best nations on the planet, and when they collide, sparks will fly.

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In this 2023 edition, the French team seems to be my favouriteSouth AfricaBut the top scorers have not yet arrived. Unlike a certain New Zealander from the 1980s…

126 points in a single edition, a Rugby World Cup record

The largest international rugby competition, world Cup It allows the biggest players to exploit their names during the period. The World Oval League began in 1987, is much newer than football, and has already featured a World Oval Championship All blacks To be above others. The greatest team in history won the first show of the competition. This feat is largely due to one man in particular: Grant Fox.

the new Zeland He may not be a household name, but he remains a sporting legend for a reason. Today, almost 36 years later, he still holds the record for most points scored in a single World Cup tournament with 126 points. It is a performance that placed him thirteen miles away from a certain distance. Johnny Wilkinson.

Two Frenchmen are among the top ten

If it is english George Ford Seemingly on his way to breaking Grand Fox’s record (41 points in two games), it will be necessary to go further in order to become number one in the standings. In the list of top 10 scorers in one edition, we find two French people. Behind Wilkinson comes the former Perpignan player, Thierry Lacroix With 112 points in 1995. Frederick MichalakWho achieved a very rare achievement in his career Full houseIt ranks sixth with 103 points during the 2003 global edition.

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