This is the political side that people with high IQs vote for, and science says so!

This is the political side that people with high IQs vote for, and science says so!

Political orientation is linked to IQ and intelligence, at least that's what science suggests. We will explain!

the I.Q It is a measurement tool that provides insight into a person's cognitive abilities. naturally,Intelligence It can be expressed in many ways. Today we know that there is no one way to be brilliant. in Different situationssome people may be To shine When others, even though they are sometimes considered smarter than others, cannot find a solution. Some are Math geniusesothers creative With a limitless imagination while few of them have Normal sensitivity Impressive, etc.

However, it is acknowledged that I.Q an actress standard Which society accepts to measureAverage intelligence. The greatest minds easily transcend 130 When these are many More limitedarrives painfully The hundredwhich is located above it middle. the Fools Located Half high On the same scale. This does not mean that a person with a very average IQ will not succeed at anything in life. On the other hand, the science It seems to show a relationship Between this measurement andPolitical orientation.

Intelligence and political concepts

Another dimension Family meal Which you cannot avoid, you still find yourself having to listen (or rather endure) the diatribes of Aunt Chantal, stuck in the same chorus, for as long as she can remember. for youBitter aunt She blames all the world's ills on immigration (which she barely meets because she lives in an abandoned town) and grows up Panic Fear of differencegetting involved in the Globi Bolga Swamp Outdated misogynistic traditions, Homophobia and other things. Yes, Auntie Chantal is…sucker. You're convinced that oysters must have better IQ.

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Imagine that science could prove you right, and even make it public. He also participated in an article he published unbreakableresearch teams fromUniversity of Minnesota I looked at connection between theIntelligence And thePolitical orientation From a sample of people. More than 300 families Thus, they were interrogated and followed. Various criteria made it possible to determine whether I.Q Of every member making it possible Predicting one's opinions And the political side that approaches it. The results are not satisfactory for right-wing voters.

When the brain chooses its side

The results of the study were published in a very serious journal Intelligence. Thus we discover that people with I.Q Signs of higher intelligence He will have a strong tendency to vote More to the left. On the contrary, people Less intelligent He will be more attracted to concepts associated with tyranny and ideas Politically more right-wing From the political spectrum. “Genetic variation in intelligence may play a role in influencing our political differences. explains one of the study's authors.

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Nuances to bring

But those responsible for the study realize that I.Q It is not necessarily an absolute measure and it is Dangerous for too much caricature A person's image in relation to his or her political choices. There is no doubt that there are idiots who vote for the left, and there are geniuses who adhere to the ideas of the right (and history bears witness to that). However, the study still shows thatIntelligence It seems Opensamong other things, to more than Egalitarian viewsEven within the family where children are received Same education.

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The researchers also state that Environmental factors And the Individual construction Obviously taken into account. In addition to IQ, there are other factors that also influenceDevelopment of political thoughtAs simple as it is. For example, exposure to certain media and content can severely distort the image Visualize reality. This then gives different shades to Auntie Chantal… If science shows through this study thatIntelligence It is more on the side of the people who vote on the leftShe does not have Not the full explanation For this.

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