This is one of the rare PS5 exclusives of 2024 and an entire country will be deprived of it: Sony has confirmed this political choice!

This is one of the rare PS5 exclusives of 2024 and an entire country will be deprived of it: Sony has confirmed this political choice!

Game news This is one of the rare PS5 exclusives of 2024 and an entire country will be deprived of it: Sony has confirmed this political choice!

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Sensation of Sony's latest state of the art game, Rise of the Ronin, will unfortunately not be available to gamers in South Korea. A strange choice confirmed by Sony, which will come after the game director's controversial statements regarding a historical figure in Japan.

Rise of the Ronin is not available in South Korea

This is one of Sony's major exclusives planned for 2024. Rise of the Ronin It is awaited by many players and it may achieve some success when it is released next March. However, the new Team Ninja game will not be available in one country: South Korea. A decision confirmed by a Sony spokesperson toIGN.

On the other hand, we learned that the game was not canceled in the country, but was not even planned at all, contrary to information that was recently circulated. Rise of the Ronin has not been officially announced for release in South Korea. We can confirm that the title will not be sold or published in South Korea in any form, whether physical or digital.“, announced a Sony spokesperson. Therefore, this unavailability will not have anything to do with the controversy surrounding the game.

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Lack of availability with unclear details

According to IGN, several Western media outlets announced the cancellation of the release of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea, citing Different blogs in the country. According to these sources, which have no real basis, the game was canceled even though the Game Evaluation and Management Committee (GRAC) – the equivalent of PEGI – had previously evaluated it. However, the GRAC rating cannot indicate cancellation since previous games were already rated without being released in South Korea, such as the PS4 version of
Mortal Kombat 11 for example.

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However, there is a Korean version of the game, the title page is present Indonesian PlayStation Store An example of the implementation of Korean scripts is shown. Furthermore, the program would have been introduced on the Korean Playstation blog in 2022, although this page has been deleted in the meantime.

Rumors finally indicate that the game's cancellation occurred after director Fumohiko Yasuda's statements. Last week, a video posted to Playstation Japan's YouTube account showed the director paying tribute to Shoen Yoshida, a controversial Japanese historical figure.

And even though it was a different time and a different world, I think you could compare it to Socrates. I wanted to capture his teachings and life from the moment I started working on Rise of the Ronin. Not only was he a philosopher, he also insisted on the importance of taking action.

Shoin Yoshida was a 19th-century imperialist thinker who initiated a strategy of conquering several regions—including Korea—in order to bolster Japanese military assets. A controversial figure who recalls the heavy Japanese past and the colonization of Korea. Due to his statements and the reactions they provoked, Sony decided to cancel the release of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea. However, we will have to make do with the official version of the giant, which says that it never planned to release the game on Korean soil.

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