This is not a crisis

This is not a crisis

I have heard, like anyone with any interest in the world of ideas, a crowd of thinkers playing psychologists over the past year. For example, I heard the thinker Boris Sirolnik explain to us the difference between crisis and disaster first. We would be in the second situation, where it is impossible to return to what it was before, and then I heard him sell us the power of his resilience over and over again, the idea that we should understand all this suffering, but hell everything is simple when you want it to be.

Jeremy McEwenJeremy McEwen
Essay writer and columnist

With wide eyes, I read Pocar Diouf to indicate that nature will intentionally send us COVID-19 to punish us, to return us to our place with humility, and to bring environmental concerns back to the center, in more or less condemnation of it. Nature with coherent intentions, let’s make them clear, is another way of calling God, and it is not acceptable in public discourse. There are massive, unwarranted metaphysical implications that have no place in modern-day Quebec.

I heard this hero of the left, Alan Dainault, blame capitalism, what a surprise, and I still remember hearing him in an interview he told us without holding back a year ago that all this was nothing, and that there is much worse to come, the horns of the knights of the Apocalypse. And nothing less.

I’ve heard Francois Legault, over and over, seek to crowd the sheep, impose a curfew, and a group of commentators agree by saying that this measure sent a “strong signal” to the population, yes, it’s dangerous, if thousands of deaths don’t convince you, then you’ll understand when you can’t go And buy half a liter of milk at 8:30 pm

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The PM explains things in coded codes instead of doing what science demands, we are there.

I heard all these gentlemen, these old wise guides to the people, I watched them sparkling in the eye by the interlocutors, as if we were in the year 40, and I swam with them in fresh water to accumulate their metaphors, I listened to all these ancient sages who say to myself: No, this is not possible, no It could be that, the 2021 philosophy, an old sage comfort us in difficult times.

This is not a crisis, it is not a catastrophe, it is not an opportunity for steadfastness and meaning, it is not a message from nature, it is not evidence of the failure of capitalism, this is not an opportunity to confirm Michel Foucault’s theories about government and its control of the body. This is a virus. To counter this, you should wear a mask, wash your hands, walk away from each other, and ventilate the indoor spaces that people frequent in last point groups.

With the second year of COVID-19 kicking off well now, the rhetoric about this effort is collapsing. They asserted, by replacing the language of solidarity with the language of race on the front, that those who compel themselves will be rewarded. The idea of ​​the cohesion of the people as a whole passed in early 2021, and now we are gradually convincing the nation. Come on, well done, Quebec, in the orange zone, rest now. Oops.

But the metaphors and psychology of five cents no longer exist, it is enough to look at newspaper cartoons and their renewed appearance in the last days to see them.

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Now is the time for realism. Mr. Prime Minister, you are not a psychologist, you are a businessman. Freedom 45, right? Ironically, you seem to be more and more a prisoner of your job, lately, trapped between Dr.s Horacio Arruda and Minister Christian Dube have had to reiterate that you bear responsibility for your decisions. That you have to say that scares me.

We have to go back to basics, Mr. Legault, to science, and nothing else. Ventilation of schools and workplaces, this is urgent. And since you’re there, settle collective agreements for teachers and health workers. They don’t care about your angelic metaphors either: they want better working conditions and higher wages, like everyone else; Like you when you were selling airplanes. Impossible to fly in clouds and strong symbols, impossible to escape with the comfort of words of wisdom. Take action.

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