“This is dangerous!”: Valve is asking players to stop sniffing the Steam Deck for obvious health reasons

“This is dangerous!”: Valve is asking players to stop sniffing the Steam Deck for obvious health reasons

GVTech News “This is dangerous!”: Valve is asking players to stop sniffing the Steam Deck for obvious health reasons

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Just like the smell of gasoline, some players love the smell of hot electronics emanating from the Steam Deck.

A very strange practice

Valve, one of the video game giants, recently issued an unusual request for Steam Deck owners: stop breathing the fumes emanating from the handheld console’s vents. The strange trend, which has become a meme on a subreddit dedicated to the Steam Deck, sees users praising the pleasant smell of the object when it is powered on. Some are even going so far as to ask how to expand this olfactory experience, and there have been calls for Valve to createPerfume Or a Steam Deck Scented Candle.

As a reminder, the original Steam Deck was recently available in an OLED version promising a more enjoyable and colorful gaming experience. But it’s clear that among the millions of users of Valve’s portable console, some seem more obsessed with the smell it emits than its overall performance.. I personally don’t have a Steam Deck, but I can totally understand people liking this scent because the smell of gasoline doesn’t bother me at all.

Image source: Valve (YouTube)

This phenomenon attracted the attention of Valve, in particular thanks Metapod100 on Reddit, who shared a response from the Steam support team. Question asked: “Is it safe to inhale the exhaust coming from the top vent of the steam platform? » In response, support says there are no security concerns related to normal use, however “Direct inhalation of vapors from the device’s vent should be avoided.”.

Valve no longer wants its players sniffing the Steam Deck

Although this practice may seem harmless, Valve insists it potentially poses a health risk. Steam Support’s Sandler told Metapod100: “We understand that this may just be a meme, but please refrain from this behavior for the sake of your health.” The recommendation is clear: Although inhaling these vapors in small amounts does not seem dangerous, it is not recommended to insert your face directly into the vents to taste the scent.. On a humorous note, some users have claimed that the new OLED model of the Steam Deck doesn’t smell as good as the original. We sleep on Reddit The fragrance is described as “Sweeter, cheaper and doesn’t make you want more”.

This practice, which has become a veritable meme on the subreddit dedicated to Valve’s console, once again highlights, Talented players enjoy creating “urban legends” like these. As I explained above, it is very common to meet people who enjoy the smell of gasoline, varnish, markers or even rain on a warm floor. But truth be told, This is the first time I’ve heard of gamers loving the smell of their controller.

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