This huge squid arms itself with real “flashlights” when it attacks

This huge squid arms itself with real “flashlights” when it attacks

Unusual – Impressive tentacles, with two large light spots at the end. This is what the prey A attacked Tanningia danae It can be seen just before he was captured, and what scientists from the University of Western Australia were able to photograph in early May.

This type of squid is not only one of the largest, but also one of the most secretive. Rarely photographed, it is the little candle holders at the end of two of its tentacles that make it such a striking animal. As you can see in the video above. The inside of its claws is also covered in dangerous hooks.

The specimen in question, about 75 cm long, was photographed in the South Pacific Ocean at a depth of about one kilometre. The latter launched himself in front of the camera of the team of scientists, trying to catch a bait fixed on the equipment.

Before he could cling to it, the squid lit his torch.” Torches », by opening and closing the membranes covering light carriers such as the eyelids. These bioluminescent organs, among other things, dazzle prey before it is captured, and can reach the size of a lemon, he explains. BBC.

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