This gourmet space overlooking the Millau Bridge is looking for its new operator

This gourmet space overlooking the Millau Bridge is looking for its new operator

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Three months after the summer opening Cathy and Vincent Genestthe owners of the Larzac motorway area, the Léonie catering company based in Millau (Aveyron), have handed over the keys to Gourmet area in the Millau Bridge area To the management that owns the building last September.

And, with a goal Next opening in April 2024The Board of Directors has just announced A New call for expressions of interest To exploit the gourmet space in the Milo Bridge area. This call for applications relates Duration of three years.

Discover local products

The management of Aveyron, the owner of the site, wants to continue the direction taken in 2006 to make this viewing point and its environment A tourist site in the area.

To do this, the Ministry intends to commission an economic operator Management and animation of the gourmet discovery area And Aveyron’s expertise, highlighting and highlighting high-quality products The know-how of Aveyron. The available area includes part of an old farmhouse, spread over two levels and consisting of several spaces.

The planned activity consists of: Selling food products For take-out orders and the service of selling non-alcoholic beverages for daily consumption in addition to offering light catering Tasteful approach to local products.

Only viewpoint allowed on the bridge

The opening of the Milo Bridge in December 2004 sparked exceptional enthusiasm that attracted many visitors wishing to discover this exceptional heritage and its environment. This enthusiasm has not waned since then.

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This site constitutes Approved viewpoint onlyspecially designed and safe for the general public who want to take advantage of the scenic view of the bridge.

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Candidates have Until January 2024 to register. Is the opening planned? April The call for applications concerns 3 year contract.

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