This free software is ideal for repairing Windows operating system with just a few clicks without any technical knowledge

This free software is ideal for repairing Windows operating system with just a few clicks without any technical knowledge

Is your Windows computer starting to go off the rails? Before taking it to a professional, use this app to fix it automatically. It's free, powerful and very easy to use!

Using Windows isn't always easy. Although it has improved greatly over the years, Microsoft's system is still prone to many rather annoying bugs and crashes. Whether it's updates that refuse to install, Wi-Fi connection dropping for no reason, or file thumbnails that no longer appear in Explorer, Windows always seems to have some things that bother us on a daily basis. Most of the time, these discomforts are neither critical nor intractable, and there are often solutions to address them.

Windows also has a full set of diagnostic and repair tools to identify and solve various problems that may affect it. Unfortunately, these functions are often scattered throughout the system and are not always easy to use, as they are not command line tools that run in a terminal, which may scare off many users. As is often the case with Microsoft, there's a bit of chaos and it's hard to find the right tool when you need it most.

But the Windows user community is particularly active and several repair tools have been developed by volunteers to address this issue. Among them, a small program called FixWin 11 was developed by Paras Sidhu on behalf of The Windows Club, an English-language media outlet that specializes, as its name suggests, in topics related to the Microsoft system. Completely free, FixWin 11 is a portable program that does not require installation and presents itself as a very complete toolbox for solving various problems with just a few clicks. And despite what its name suggests, it works just as well with Windows 11 as it does with Windows 10!

All in English, but very easy to learn, FixWin 11 offers a large number of fixes to automatically address common Windows errors and crashes. Whether it's fixing simple issues like returning the Recycle Bin to the desktop, re-enabling thumbnails in Explorer, running a full file system scan, or even repairing a Windows image using DISM tool, the software allows you to perform all these actions in just a few clicks and from a single window .

FixWin 11 can be downloaded for free from the Downloads section of the Windows Club website and weighs only… 480 KB! And since it doesn't require installation, it's the perfect little Swiss army knife to keep neatly on a USB key to help out your computer or your friends' devices if needed.

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