This everyday food will make us happy according to science!

The food we eat daily will have the ability to put us in a good mood. Here is the product according to a scientific study!

A certain Disney character named Baloo said:It only takes a little to be happy“But it seems particularly necessary.”Eat to be happy“. the Scientists I researched the topic to the point that research began in the 1960s, and studies were published in the journal Lancet Public Health Learn about the effect of a certain type of food on our mood.

We will not make the suspense last longer, the product that It will make you happy It would be…pasta! Here are its effects on our bodies, according to scientists.

From the plate to our brain

the Pasta dishes What we love to taste has virtues that we do not necessarily doubt. rich in L-tryptophanOur spaghetti will affect our emotions. For those who don’t know, this is Hormone It is an amino acid that is essential for our well-being. It works on ours good mood And even on our website Sleep quality. Pasta also contains Vitamin B… Enough to give your body the energy it needs for a whole day.

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The role of carbohydrates

You can also find it in pasta Complex carbohydratesThis is to say Starch and glycogen. The body absorbs these ingredients slowly, delaying the return of hunger. Scholars have also recognized the latter as a factorIncreased serotonin In the brain, which contributes to Feelings of happiness.

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Now you know what dish to eat to comfort you!

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