This emoji can literally boost your happiness, according to science

This emoji can literally boost your happiness, according to science

In an increasingly connected world, emojis have become our second language. They express our emotions, add excitement to our messages, and help us communicate beyond words. But did you know that some emojis can make us happier than others?

a Great study Published in the prestigious journal Nature analyzed the emotional reactions associated with different emojis. The study classified emojis into four groups: “neutral emotions with a positive bias,” “moderate positive emotions,” “strong positive emotions,” and “neutral/distracting emotions.” ????????

The emojis from the “positive bias neutral feeling” group showed a medium to high level of happiness. This set included emojis such as “relaxed face” and “face with sunglasses”. These emojis were interpreted with words like “cool,” “happy,” and “satisfied.” It’s a good start, but we can do better! ????????

The “moderately positive feeling” group was even higher, with emojis eliciting feelings of contentment and happiness. All of the emojis in this group were smiling or grinning eyes. It got interesting, right? ????

But the “strong positive feeling” combo hits the jackpot! These emojis have been associated with feelings of euphoria and excitement. Like the emoji in the Moderately Positive Feeling group, everyone in this group was either raising the corner of their mouth or grinning their eyes. In addition, many of them had richer expressions, such as heart- or star-shaped eyes, rosy cheeks, or dumped hearts. The “smiling face with smiling eyes” emoji was interpreted as “happy,” “feeling good,” and “excited.” ????????????

In the chart below, taken from the study, the emojis that make you the happiest are at the top right. While those who feel the most unhappiness are at the top left. So the emoji that makes you the happiest is ???? (“smiling face with heart-shaped eyes”)

So next time you want to brighten someone’s day, don’t forget to send a group “feeling strong” emoji. And don’t forget, the more expressive accessories (hearts, stars, pink cheeks), the more happiness! ????????

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Whether you’re an emoji pro or a beginner, this discovery may change the way you communicate. So, let’s go and spread some happiness with our favorite emojis!

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