This boy in the newspaper's Toyota Corolla has crossed the two million kilometer mark

This boy in the newspaper’s Toyota Corolla has crossed the two million kilometer mark

It could be one of the most mileage cars in the world. A New Zealand newspaper delivery worker’s Toyota Corolla recently passed 2 million miles on its odometer, reports say. New Zealand Herald In an article posted by capital. A number that hasn’t finished climbing since its owner, Graeme Hebley, is still driving 5,000km a week for his work.

This New Zealander bought this used car in 2000. It had only 80,000 km around the clock. According to him, it was previously used to deliver french fries in Tokyo. Since it was in his possession, it now serves as the main tool in his newspaper delivery business.

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Still the same engine

Various secrets will be hidden behind this exceptionally long life. First of all, Graeme Hebley claims to take special care of his car and maintain it every two weeks. In 22 years, the steering belt has been changed at least 20 times. But the transmission and especially the engine are still original, he says. “Toyotas of that era were really very reliable”Comments by Graeme Hebley.

He never got tired of driving his Corolla. “How can you not love this car? Whatever I do, the car comes back. It might even escape me”, He laughs. last november, An American who reached a million kilometers in his Volvo The manufacturer offered a new model. Is Toyota imitating its competitor?

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