Thirteen countries, including France, urge Israel not to launch a large-scale attack in Rafah

Thirteen countries, including France, urge Israel not to launch a large-scale attack in Rafah

Republicans are trying to force Joe Biden to resume arms shipments to Israel

The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives voted on Thursday for a largely symbolic measure aimed at forcing Democratic President Joe Biden to end his suspension of arms deliveries to Israel.

The suspension of the delivery of an arms shipment consisting of 2,000 lb (907 kg) and 500 lb (226 kg) bombs was decided at a time when Washington, Israel's main military backer, opposes a major offensive by Israeli forces in Syria. Rafah.

The measure passed Thursday has no chance of becoming law. In theory, this would prevent Mr. Biden from freezing any military aid to Israel approved by Congress.

“The President and his administration must immediately reverse course and stand with Israel.”House Republican Leader Mike Johnson said in a statement.

The vote comes at a time when the Israeli government announces… “Intensification” Military ground operations in Rafah, a densely populated town in the southern Gaza Strip, despite international concerns for the civilian population.

For Republicans, Joe Biden has no right to interfere in the way Israel conducts its military campaign, which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and threatened widespread famine, with 70% of the population of 2.4 million displaced, according to the United Nations. Nations (United Nations).

Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives described the Republican initiative as… “political scheme” In an effort to infringe on the president's ability to manage his foreign policy. But sixteen Democrats joined Republicans in adopting the bill, in defiance of the head of state. The measure should not pass the Democratic-controlled Senate. Mr. Biden has promised to veto it in any case.

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The suspension of aid to Israel relates only to a portion of the military equipment provided by the United States. Then the US executive branch informed Congress on Tuesday that it would deliver weapons worth about $1 billion.

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